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Articles from American Handgunner (November 1, 2007)

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Title Author Type Words
10 minute read. Smith, Charlie Letter to the editor 237
2007 catalog showcase. 2063
Add it up. 113
Anti-reader reader. Usilton, William; Beale, Daniel Letter to the editor 123
Armed citizen back-up. Ayoob, Massad 484
Armed citizens. Ayoob, Massad 203
Big guy CCW. Nowak, P. Letter to the editor 170
Black magic: Shhhh ... Duke's black powder loading secrets. Venturino, Mike 1765
Botch jobs. Hamilton, Alex 312
Botch two. Hamilton, Alex 323
Bowen's best. Hudock, Steve Letter to the editor 168
British big bores .577 revolvers: never send a toy to do a man's work. Bowen, Hamilton 1851
Bullets from BananaLand. Connor, John 348
Cast bullets in the .40 S&W? Venturino, Mike 197
Combat cool & the Samurai class. Connor, John 188
Competition-based. Anderson, Dave 630
Connor? Brilliant? Kniseley, Daniel Letter to the editor 255
Crabs & gazelles. Connor, John 266
CZ blade. Flynn, Gary Letter to the editor 158
Do it? Hamilton, Alex 101
Dueling 40s: the J.R. Parrow incident. Ayoob, Massad 2934
Duke does it. Venturino, Mike 306
Duke. Merryman, Greg Letter to the editor 229
First shots hits the mark: NSSF's intro handgun program a success! Dunn, Bill 590
Fobus: the best range holster ever. Reese, Sammy 245
Four for four. Venturino, Mike 230
Fun foursome! Galan, J.I. 812
Go hunting. Jones, J.D. 290
Guardian angel. Reese, Sammy 146
Gun and Knife Sets: Lone Wolf Knives. 122
Gun butter. Reese, Sammy 188
Gun grabbing French. Dupontreue, C.R. Letter to the editor 205
Gun neighbors. Kime, Jon Letter to the editor 156
Hates Ichi pics. Burnes, A.J. Letter to the editor 179
Holster happiness II. Martin, C.J., Jr. Letter to the editor 212
Holster happiness. Kelly, Terry Letter to the editor 316
In the beginning. Jones, J.D. 285
Influences. Anderson, Dave 112
It's our fault. Orosco, William Letter to the editor 237
Jeff Cooper Commemorative 1911: Ed Brown Products. 125
Kordofan Fighter: Grayman Knives. 101
Little Lizzie. A., James Letter to the editor 174
Long range work. Smith, Clint 710
More comfy. Reese, Sammy 263
Muzzle flash! Documenting the demon. Haag, Lucien C. 2641
My gun culture. Venturino, Mike 205
Practical shooting competition is fun: but are there practical benefits? Anderson, Dave 928
Respect for law. Venturino, Mike 372
Ring's simulators. Huntington, Roy 171
Sad Brit. Orchard, Russ Letter to the editor 149
Saves the day. Montgomery, Lou Letter to the editor 149
Shooting industry masters. Huntington, Roy 396
SIG P220 SAO: a single action dream come true. Ayoob, Massad Cover story 1726
Snyder says. Boggess, John Letter to the editor 187
Stainless custom TLE/RL 11 .45 ACP. 430
Surefire echo. Reese, Sammy 182
The Currahee: Microtech Knives. 130
The judge: Taurus' new .45 colt/.410 fun gun. Taffin, John 1583
The Octa Versipack: Maxpedition Hard Use Gear. 104
The sixguns of Andy Horvath. Taffin, John 2124
Tilley's tips. Anderson, Dave 750
Too-tough Taurus: affordable 1911 firepower: Huh? What? Smith, Clint 1527
Trust. Venturino, Mike 213
Us? Accurate? Walker, Layne Letter to the editor 145
Violence and nonviolence: Part 7. Snyder, Jeff 1192
VT murderer. Ellis, Richard; Harkins, Bill Letter to the editor 225
Well heeled? Bryan, Anthony; Bryan, Reba Letter to the editor 375
When armed citizens back up cops. Ayoob, Massad 259

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