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Articles from American Handgunner (July 1, 2007)

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Title Author Type Words
"The Legend Lives On" Cooper match. Huntington, Roy 190
A high nooner. Reese, Sammy 151
A one stop shop: shooter's choice. Huntington, Roy 380
A stronger .44. Taffin, John 1762
Airport security. Toth, James Letter to the editor 458
And ... Habegger, Ron Letter to the editor 132
Baer dumps Illinois. Huntington, Roy 187
Barrel making: magic & machine work. Petty, Charles E. 1543
Battlewagons. Chucky Letter to the editor 367
Bianchi model 120 covert option. Huntington, Roy 168
Big and fast. Jones, J.D. 102
Big man's concealed carry. Venturino, Mike 1733
Black Lightning: a Vincent 'motorcycle' pistol. Huntington, Roy 392
BlackHawk CQC holster: a nifty handgun holder. Anderson, Dave 318
Carpe diem: then sieze the grip. Huntington, Roy 388
Caspian Pocketsmith II. Huntington, Roy 165
Cheap fun. Anderson, Dave 265
Chrono excuses. Petty, Charles E. 195
Comfy is as comfy does. Reese, Sammy 157
Contagious BS. Ayoob, Massad 592
Custom on a budget. Hamilton, Alex 136
Dancing with the devil. Connor, John 620
Desert agua. Huntington, Roy 212
Failed lightning? Jones, J.D. 182
Final thoughts? Hamilton, Alex 121
Four favorites. Anderson, Dave 589
Gun-ban forces fire first round. Huntington, Roy 652
Happy holstering. Anderson, Dave 346
How catching is "contagious fire?". Ayoob, Massad 349
Hung by the lanyard until dead. Smith, Clint 178
IR reasons. Petty, Charles E. 240
It's a bullet thing. Jones, J.D. 247
It's alive! Huntington, Roy 214
Learning from a cop-killer: the lessons of "Baby Face" Nelson. Ayoob, Massad 4502
Lee Jurras. Speir, Dean; Tutwiler, Bill Letter to the editor 322
Meet the wall. Anderson, Dave 329
Neil gets involved. Hamilton, Alex 288
Non-offended. Sorrick, David Letter to the editor 340
Para Ordnance 9mm Tac-Five: a dozen and a half in-hand. Petty, Charles E. 998
Perfectly portable and powerful. Taffin, John 128
Pistolsmith or $ wiz? Potts, C.M. Letter to the editor 630
Psychics. Petty, Charles E. 347
Shameless endorsement department. Huntington, Roy 228
Sig's George Harris. Anderson, Dave 197
Springfield Armory EMP 9mm pocket power. Anderson, Dave 1725
Still stupid. Venturino, Mike 323
Tactical triumph! Benchmade: from ground breaking to earth shaking! Covert, Pat 1451
The Build. Hamilton, Alex 181
The devil's in the digit ... and the Gremlin's in the grip. Connor, John 311
The do-all death-ray: SDM's custom .44 Magnum. Smith, Clint 1469
The hanging. Smith, Clint 514
The sixguns of John Wayne. Taffin, John 1754
Un-offended. Reese, Sammy 208
Violence and nonviolence. Snyder, Jeff 1440
Wants arrested. Smith, Charlie Letter to the editor 191
What was I thinking? Venturino, Mike 341
Why we're really there. Huntington, Roy 309
Wild West Guns Shadow Lite .45s. Taffin, John 2010
Wobbly Webley. Venturino, Mike 136

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