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American Fidelity Assurance Company: enhance employee benefits at little or no cost.

Q. What are the three most difficult benefit challenges faced by companies today?

A. 1. Offering benefits that help recruit and retain employees.

2. Managing benefit costs.

3. Finding a provider they can trust.

Now you can meet these challenges with American Fidelity Assurance Company. AFA is one of the leading worksite insurance companies in the United States, with more than 40 years of worksite experience. AFA has a complete product portfolio of voluntary benefits and services to help expand your overall benefits package, at little or no cost to you.

Q. What are voluntary benefits?

A. Voluntary benefits are offered by employers and paid for by employees through payroll deductions. For convenience, employees are enrolled at the worksite.

Employer advantages: Such benefits are easily administered, helpful in managing benefits costs, and excellent employee recruiting and retention tools.

Employee advantages: Benefits are convenient, affordable, flexible, portable, and an excellent way to enhance family security.

In short, when you make such programs available to employees, you enhance the value of the overall benefit package and help employees address financial needs.

Q. Why do employees need these benefits?

A. Financial security is a necessity for everyone. AFA offers valuable coverage that can bridge major medical and employees' out-of-pocket expenses.

AFA offers a wide range of voluntary products, including short- and long-term disability income insurance, gap plan supplemental out-of-pocket medical expense insurance, cancer insurance, life insurance, and accident only insurance.

AFA also provides certain Section 125 administrative services for cafeteria plans, allowing employees the advantage of pre-tax funding of selected benefits. Section 125 plans benefit employers by reducing various payroll-related employment taxes, thus reducing payroll costs.

AFA handles everything from case setup to enrollment communications, ensuring that employees know and understand the value of the benefits. Our certified and licensed enrollers explain the benefits to employees and help them make wise benefit decisions.


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