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American Farm Bureau Federation backs more pipeline infrastructure.


The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) has recently urged the construction of more crude oil pipelines in order to improve train service for farmers. Farmers contend crude oil shipments displace resources formerly reserved for grains--additional pipelines will keep railways available for corn and soy shipping, according to the AFBF.

While crude oil shipments remain a small fraction of railroad freight, AFBF claims it receives higher priority.

According to the organization, North Dakota farmers lack access to waterways, making competition for rail shipments more difficult given the significant amount of Bakken Shale oil shipped.

"Construction of new pipelines would certainly be a more effective way to move that product to market. It would take crude oil off the rails and, in doing so, improve the overall efficiency of the transportation system," AFBF chief economist, Bob Young, said.

"Improved pipeline infrastructure will also help enhance American energy security for everyone," Young added.

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Publication:Underground Construction
Date:Nov 1, 2015
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