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American Couple Uses Stolen Samsung Galaxy S3 to Take Naked Selfies, Sex Act Images That Appear in Owner's Dropbox.


Having your mobile phone stolen is bad enough, but knowing that the thief is enjoying using the phone for taking naked selfies and sex videos adds insult to the injury.

That was what 39-year-old Victoria Brodsky from Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, felt when her wallet and Samsung Galaxy S3 was stolen at a street fair in August 2013. She reported the incident to the police, but the police recorded as lost because she did not witness the actual filching of the phone.

Since mobile phone thievery is a common crime, Ms Brodsky gave up that she would recover her cellphone, but a week after the incident, images were appearing in her Dropbox account which was linked to her former mobile phone.

The initial batch of photos were harmless, but on Sept 1, the postings were lewd images and even a sex video.

Because of this, Ms Brodsky plans to bring the couple to justice based on the evidence on her Dropbox.

Here are the (American%20Couple%20Uses%20Stolen%20Samsung%20Galaxy%20S3%20to%20Take%20Naked%20Selfies.docx) Naked Selfies of the couple who took the smartphone and used it for lewd purposes.
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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Jan 19, 2014
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