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American Chemical Society publishes scientific journals on the Internet.

Three of the American Chemical Society's most widely read scientific journals are now commercially available as Internet Journal Editions, according to a recent announcement by the organization. The launch of its Internet Journal Editions marks the American Chemical Society's pioneering move to embrace a new medium that has gained increased acceptance among members of the scientific community over the past few years.

The Journal of Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, and the research papers of Environmental Science & Technology are available online for member and nonmember subscribers, combining the speed and worldwide reach of the Internet with high-quality scientific publishing.

"The speed and convenience of the Internet was clear years ago, but so was the danger of the rapid dissemination of unreliable science," said Robert Bovenschulte, director, publications division of the American Chemical Society. "Our Internet Journal Editions provide the same high-quality, peer-reviewed science that appears in our print journals, with the added convenience of the online format."

The Journal of Physical Chemistry publishes original experimental and basic research targeted to scientists on the physical chemistry of molecules, condensed phases, materials, and biomolecules. Internet edition prices for members are $75 for JPC A (Molecules) or JPC B (Materials); $140 for both sections; non-member subscriptions are $1,955.

Biochemistry investigates the rapidly changing arena where chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular and cellular biology interrelate. The Internet edition price for members is $137; nonmember subscriptions are $1,870. For The Journal of Physical Chemistry and Biochemistry, special prices are also available for subscribers who want to combine the Internet edition with a print subscription.

Environmental Science & Technology features peer-reviewed research concerning all aspects of environmental science, technology, and policy analysis. The Internet edition is available only with current print subscriptions. For members, the Internet edition price is $26 in addition to the print subscription; for nonmember individuals, the Internet edition price is $37 in addition to the print subscription; for institutions, the Internet edition carries no additional cost for one class C subnet.

Internet Journal Editions are available to subscribers on the day of publication. In addition, Internet subscribers can access the archive of back issues that have been put online, which currently includes all 1996 issues.

The online format offers full text, graphics, pictures, tables, illustrations, and supporting information. Electronic searching, online tables of contents, and indexes make it even easier to find specific topics or authors. In addition, direct HTML links connect references in articles to tables, illustrations, and bibliographies of references.

"These three Internet Journal Editions are just the beginning," said Bovenschulte. "We'll be adding more titles to the Internet in the coming year as part of our long-standing process of bringing innovation to scientific publishing."

The American Chemical Society, with a membership of more than 151,000 worldwide, claims to be the world's largest scientific organization. ACS Publications, as a division of the American Chemical Society, publishes scientific magazines, journals, and books that serve the entire chemical enterprise, including industry, academic, and government institutions.

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Date:Apr 1, 1997
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