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Barron's 'beige Catholicism' erases years of activism. Weiss, Rebecca Bratten Viewpoint essay Apr 2, 2021 1871
Sexism: It's still a thing, unfortunately. Schlumpf, Heidi Editorial Apr 2, 2021 866
Inauguration brings needed light to America. Editorial Feb 5, 2021 609
Catholic activists join protests and 'Wall of Moms' in Portland. Feuerherd, Peter Aug 7, 2020 1701
William Barr is a culture warrior Catholic. Gehring, John Aug 7, 2020 3229
Latino Catholics rediscover spiritual roots. Salgado, Soli May 15, 2020 1548
Latino base communities offer a church alternative. Feuerherd, Peter Apr 3, 2020 1036
Catholic takes faith on the road, travels to pilgrimage sites around US. Maraist, Zoey Nov 29, 2019 1012
Catholics protest against ICE in Newark. Salvadore, Sarah Sep 20, 2019 1451
UK's Herald taps into US conservative Catholics: But what the authors missed was a group to which their own publication belongs.. Schlumpf, Heidi Mar 22, 2019 2810
Is our democracy more fragile than we thought? Sean, Michael Column Jan 11, 2019 1085
Latinos see abuse crisis through different lens: Culture plays role in US Hispanics' muted response to institutional church, which has less influence on personal faith. Salgado, Soli; Benevento, Maria Nov 30, 2018 2556
Post-Encuentro mission: 'Start working': Participants look toward future as US Catholic majority. Salgado, Soli; Benevento, Maria Oct 19, 2018 1819
SWING VOTERS FACE OFF: Midterm results in Ohio's '50-50 land' may predict future elections. Schlumpf, Heidi Oct 19, 2018 2778
Young Catholics stay to fight for church. Schlumpf, Heidi Sep 21, 2018 1421
V Encuentro to be an 'expression of community'. Salgado, Soli Sep 21, 2018 1693
Motivated to act. Sep 21, 2018 159
Conscience protection urged. Brief article Mar 23, 2018 163
US Catholics on persecution. Brief article Mar 23, 2018 182
Unchristian worldview called out. Sean, Michael Column Aug 11, 2017 1160
Italian Jesuit magazine criticizes political attitudes of some US Catholics. McElwee, Joshua J. Jul 28, 2017 720
Convocation delegates sent home to imitate Jesus in reaching the margins. Sadowski, Dennis Jul 14, 2017 446
From chapels to condos: is there still room for the sacred in the city? Robare, Matthew M. Jan 1, 2017 1667
Jeb vs. the neocons? A Catholic Bush just might be a peaceful one. McConnell, Scott Jul 1, 2015 3002
US laity want much greater say, yet remain loyal. Brief article Oct 24, 2014 305
Cheering Catholic Olympians. Brief article Aug 17, 2012 196
Catholic reactions to the sex abuse scandal. Survey Oct 28, 2011 1407
Demographics transform parishes: a look at mass attendance, leadership and lay participation. Gautier, Mary Survey Oct 28, 2011 2015
Religion and political affiliation. D'Antonio, William V. Survey Oct 28, 2011 2041
Persistence and change: survey offers portrait of US Catholics in the second decade of the 21st century. D'antonio, William V. Oct 28, 2011 3195
From Latin Mass to 9/11: survey reveals generational shifts, with changes on the horizon as pre-Vatican II Catholics fade and millennial come into their own. D'Antonio, William Survey Oct 28, 2011 3429
What is core to American Catholics in 2011: research shows autonomy that is thoughtful, attuned to tradition. Dillon, Michele Survey Oct 28, 2011 2882
Trends in catholic commitment stable over time: despite catholic fluidity - people leaving, aging, immigrating - the numbers of committed catholics at a given time is not dramatically changing. Dillon, Michele Survey Oct 28, 2011 1625
Old and new spiritual resources. Dillon, Michele Survey Oct 28, 2011 1086
Rome's checkbook strategy on women religious. Zagano, Phyllis Dec 24, 2010 827
Let's drop the bomb: the time is now for the church to speak forcefully on total nuclear disarmament. Matthiesen, Bishop Leroy Essay Apr 1, 2010 1582
U.S. Catholics: continental drift. Clarke, Kevin Brief article Jul 1, 2009 107
American Catholics scandalized: Notre Dame's Obama invite ignites abortion debate. De Valk, Alphonse Cover story Jul 1, 2009 3990
US Catholics leaving church due to teachings on sex. Brief article Jun 22, 2009 174
Index: Latino and Latina Catholics believe in healthcare reform. Survey Jun 22, 2009 167
Obama and the Catholics. Editorial Jun 12, 2009 990
Churchgoers reliably Republican. Brief article May 29, 2009 125
Pittsburgh Catholics: 20th-century history shows a people engaged with the world and tradition. Kelly, Timothy Essay May 29, 2009 1287
Making parishes engaging and vibrant. Gallagher, Tom May 29, 2009 759
Civility, respect should be our aim: give Benedict the benefit of the doubt. Cafardi, Nicholas P. Apr 3, 2009 614
Someone old, someone new: cradle Catholics and those new to the faith can be a match made in heaven. Cones, Bryan Apr 1, 2009 708
Catholics Similar to Mainstream on Abortion, Stem Cells; Catholics actually more liberal on some issues. Survey Mar 30, 2009 994
The emerging post, post-Vatican II American Catholic. Feuerherd, Joe Jan 23, 2009 580
The new Catholic moment. Editorial Jan 9, 2009 995
'Poped out' Wills seeks broader horizons. Allen, John, Jr. Nov 28, 2008 3855
Navigating a solitary journey. Coday, Dennis Nov 28, 2008 1753
Why U.S. Catholics are heading for the exits. Stafford, Betty Column Oct 17, 2008 887
Editor's note. Nolan, David J. Editorial Jun 22, 2008 545
Secular and security-minded: the Catholic vote in summer 2008: a national opinion survey of likely catholic voters. Russonello, Belden; Russonello, Stewart Jun 22, 2008 1797
Neither religious nor civil: the Catholic League for religious and civil rights. Jun 22, 2008 2783
Religious Americans, European Muslims: Common Ground; Views on suicide, extra-marital affairs are similar. Rheault, Magali; Mogahed, Dalia Survey May 27, 2008 568
Soft-core Catholics. Garcia, Michelle Apr 22, 2008 357
Americans Have Net-Positive View of U.S. Catholics; As pope visits, 45% of Americans view Catholics positively, 13% negatively. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 15, 2008 703
Catholics struggling with presidential candidates. Brief article Apr 1, 2008 239
Potemkin village for Pope? Mar 1, 2008 393
U.S. bishops project 'air of unity'. Allen, John L., Jr. Nov 23, 2007 1610
'08 election brings major shift in religious-political alignments. Roberts, Tom Cover story Nov 23, 2007 1992
New political document drafted: well-formed consciences must guide Catholic citizens, say US. bishops. O'Brien, Nancy Frazier Nov 2, 2007 1249
Liberal Catholicism endures in pastoral church. Allen, John L., Jr. Aug 31, 2007 863
'Yearning to create a new world'. Sweas, Megan Conference news Nov 24, 2006 978
Not bad for melodrama. Editorial Nov 24, 2006 1231
God gap narrows as Democrats take majority of Catholic vote. Feuerherd, Joe Nov 17, 2006 1349
Held in the largeness of God: ectopic pregnancy provokes a journey of grief and mystery. Moyer, Ginny Viewpoint essay Nov 17, 2006 1129
Core beliefs unite Catholics. Aug 1, 2006 527
Collection for hurricane relief. Brief article Jul 28, 2006 91
Catholic politicians. Brief article Jul 1, 2006 184
Solve crisis of uninsured, advocates urge. O'Brien, Nancy Frazier Jun 16, 2006 493
Camelot only comes but once? John F. Kerry and the Catholic vote. Gray, Mark M.; Perl, Paul M.; Bendyna, Mary E. Jun 1, 2006 9205
Catholics not leaving church over sex abuse scandals, survey finds. Survey May 26, 2006 547
We thought Rome would never notice. Editorial Apr 14, 2006 517
Call to action focuses on life under Bush and Benedict. Marrin, Patrick Nov 25, 2005 1747
Poll: bishops' image improving. Brief Article Nov 25, 2005 158
Starting point. O'Brien, Karen Brief article Oct 28, 2005 301
Faith classes for Hispanics developed for Internet. Oct 28, 2005 319
Suppose this is a papal election not received? Ruether, Rosemary Radford Column Jun 3, 2005 856
Bridging the divide in contemporary U.S. Catholic social ethics. Heyer, Kristin E. Jun 1, 2005 18913
Polls highlight contradictions. Feuerherd, Joe Apr 15, 2005 520
Can you hear me now? Are laity still getting bad reception? A U.S. Catholic survey on the role of laypeople in the Catholic Church. Dix, Tara K. Cover Story Apr 1, 2005 2864
Polish parish: it's rich, vibrant. And the archbishop wants the title to it. Dreiling, Geri L. Oct 1, 2004 3435
Translating values into votes, Republicans seek parish directories: first of two parts. Feuerherd, Joe Jul 30, 2004 657
Catholics must create dialogue spaces on key issues, says reporter. Jul 16, 2004 646
Poll finds Catholics ambivalent on stem cells, candidates. Brief Article Jul 16, 2004 202
The view from mainstream America: the Catholic voter in summer 2004: a national opinion survey of likely Catholic voters conducted for Catholics for a free choice by Belden Russonello & Stewart. Jun 22, 2004 2329
Ecumenism of the trenches? The politics of evangelical-Catholic alliances. Hoover, Dennis R. Mar 22, 2004 12147
Let's drink to less alcohol at parish events: there's nothing wrong with enjoying a cold one at the parish picnic, but don't parishes have an obligation to encourage Catholics to control their drinking? Hempel, Tricia Feb 1, 2004 2359
The American Catholic church in Neverland: U.S. Catholics require institutional accountability, says pollster. Feuerherd, Joe Jan 30, 2004 782
Between two cultures: Catholic church must meet challenges of ministry to Hispanic youth, report says, or 'risk losing a significant portion of the faithful for generations to come'. Guntzel, Jeff Jan 30, 2004 3117
Mass attendance rebounds, poll finds. Brief Article Jan 9, 2004 118
Massgoers' poll grades bishops. Brief Article Nov 21, 2003 147
Missionaries ask American Catholics to support their efforts to help Haiti's poor. Advertisement Nov 14, 2003 1197
Polls: most Catholics like pope. Coday, Dennis Brief Article Nov 7, 2003 199
Bishops, conservatives meet. Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 128
Just how bad is it? Priest shortage worse than experts predicted; laity, foreign priests filling in the gap. Feuerherd, Joe Oct 17, 2003 2583
One book, one church? Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 102
To form a more perfect union. Interview Oct 1, 2003 3300
World War I pacifist suffered for his faith: once despised, now honored, Ben Salmon endured jail, force-feeding and public contempt for his convictions. Jones, Melissa Biography Sep 19, 2003 827
'Peace on earth-peace in Vietnam': the Catholic Peace fellowship and antiwar witness, 1964-1976. Moon, Penelope Adams Jun 22, 2003 13633
Secretary balances Catholicism, policy: Bush's man acknowledges `deviations' from church teaching. (World). Allen, John L., Jr. May 2, 2003 1011
U.S. Politicians. (News in Brief: United States). Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 291
The church and war: American Catholic leaders protest Novak visit to Vatican. (Threat Of War). Allen, John L., Jr. Feb 14, 2003 139
New faith-based leader. (News: signs of the times). Schorn, Joel Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 199
There's more to the Real Presence than the Eucharist; amid surveys that say fewer Catholics believe Christ is truly present in the Eucharist, Father Mark Francis raises another issue: does an exclusive focus on the Real Presence in the bread and wine mean we're missing God's presence in other places? (sounding board). Francis, Mark R. Jun 1, 2002 1229
P.R., vatican-style. (Flip Side). Ehrenreich, Barbara Jun 1, 2002 1028
U.S. Catholics urged to help Afghan refugees. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Apr 5, 2002 221
Round tables in Rome's religious life. (World). Allen, John L., Jr. Mar 1, 2002 1591
Churches respond with prayer, assistance. LEFEVERE, PATRICIA Sep 21, 2001 1718
BISHOP JACOB ANGADIATH. Donovan, Gill Brief Article Jul 27, 2001 98
The religious calling: to hang out with the the young. LEFEVERE, PATRICIA Feb 23, 2001 1709
Pittsburgh bows out of major education meeting. O'NEILL, PATRICK Dec 22, 2000 1680
The church is not a building. Scherer-Emunds, Meinrad Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 447
catholic tastes. Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 535
The bus stops here. Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 146
Keeping faith in America. MCCORMICK, PATRICK Feb 1, 2000 1426
MY GREATEST HOPE. Aug 1, 1999 4154
Clearing out life's clutter isn't always so simple. SCHLUMPF, HEIDI Aug 1, 1999 2207
U.S. CATHOLIC readers give their book report on spirituality. Hendrickson, Mary Lynn Apr 1, 1999 2717
Who are the traditional Catholics? Greeley, Andrew M. Mar 5, 1999 1121
How U.S. CATHOLIC readers pass the plate around. Pavlik, Cara Mar 1, 1999 2368
Challenge to American Catholics A Statement by the Catholic Bishops of the United States. Dec 10, 1998 1825
Someone prayed for you today. Burns, Robert E. Editorial Apr 1, 1998 785
Are you a promise keeper? Gilmour, Peter Brief Article Jan 1, 1998 497
A little neighborly advice. Burns, Robert E. Column Aug 1, 1997 889
Uzhorod, Balamand, and beyond: a "uniate" looks to the millennium. Custer, John S. Mar 22, 1997 5658
Catholics have clout in vote-rich states. White, John K.; D'Antonio, William V. Feb 14, 1997 3533
Reform group faces attack, competing petition. Schaeffer, Pamela Dec 20, 1996 1374
Inside NCR. Fox, Tom Editorial Oct 11, 1996 2021
A deeper faith may shake church, state. Chittister, Joan Column Jun 28, 1996 1078
Deep roots feed Catholic political action. Kelly, Edward; Jones, Arthur Mar 29, 1996 1818
Churches should get down to business. Flood, Edmund Jun 1, 1995 1845
American ultramontanism. Byrne, Patricia Jun 1, 1995 12893
A healthy community needs to communicate. Burns, Robert E. Editorial Sep 1, 1994 728
American Catholics: a social and political portrait. Menendez, Albert J. Cover Story Sep 1, 1993 2918

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