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American Catholics scandalized (C.I., July/ Aug., 2009, Obama and Notre Dame University).


Catholics in the U.S. and around the world are constantly scandalized by the actions of dissident Catholics (clergy and lay persons) and the lack of any consequences for failing to follow the teachings of the Church. Notre Dame was just one of many scandals.

The most recent was the funeral service for Senator Ted Kennedy. Eulogized as a great legislator for social justice, Kennedy was complicit in the deaths of millions of unborn children by supporting pro-abortion legislation. How can any social justice issue be more important than life itself? On hand for the Mass was Cardinal Sean O'Malley. Although he did not concelebrate, he did participate in the funeral ceremony giving legitimacy to the Kennedy Catholic legacy.

And what about the sickening autobiography of Reinbert Weakland, retired archbishop of Milwaukee who not only violated his vows but stole from members of the Church?

So what message does this send to the average Catholic? I believe it says that a Catholic can say and do whatever he/ she likes and still be a member in good standing. But the truly faithful Catholics are asking: what kind of religion is this where there are no consequences for blatantly opposing Church teaching? And more importantly, why is there no accountability?

I place the blame squarely at the top. Until Rome cracks down on the dissidents, they will continue to undermine our faith and embarrass the faithful.

Kanata, ON

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Author:Small, Lorraine
Publication:Catholic Insight
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Oct 1, 2009
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American Catholics scandalized (CI., July/ Aug., 2009, Obama and Notre Dame University).

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