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American Camping Foundation: 1992 annual report.

From the ACF Chair, Andrew McMullan

The American Camping Foundation exists only to assist and serve the American Camping Association.

It happened so smoothly in 1990, perhaps many of ACA's members may not have realized that the American Camping Foundation (ACF) became a new 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation! Those that have previously served as ACA trustees became the new ACF Foundation directors, along with several new directors appointed. The primary reason for forming the ACF was to better protect and invest ACA's endowment and and to assist in the financial development of ACA. Up to 15 ACF directors meet twice a year to conduct Foundation business such as:

* initiating, coordinating and conducting a comprehensive

financial development program for


* helping ACA sections and individual camps develop

sound fiscal strategies which will benefit and encourage

the perpetuation of camps and camping;

* helping camps, through scholarship programs, extend

the camping experience to campers of an ever

wider variety of socio-economic backgrounds;

* developing strategies to build endowment for the

sole purpose of strengthening the purpose and charitable

goals of ACA;

* acting upon grant requests to fund projects beneficial

to ACA and its members.

Where We Are Now

The ACF currently invests $640,000, over half of which is in restricted funds (money given for specific programs or in honor of individuals).

The 1.2 Million Dollar Endowment Campaign is officially launched! Under the leadership of Joe Kruger, our incomparable campaign chair and camping visionary, this is a most significant undertaking. For a national organization the size and scope of the American Camping Association, it is absolutely essential to build unrestricted endowment to help accomplish ACA/ACF goals. An enhanced national public awareness program will be launched as an immediate and direct benefit of this campaign. This public relations program will underscore the values of the camp experience for youngsters and also will emphasize the importance of camp accreditation when seeking a camp. One million dollars will go directly to the unrestricted endowment and two hundred thousand to the public awareness program. With almost half of the goal already pledged, success is within our grasp. Each of us will be invited to contribute -- so please think boldly about what you will give.

The Acorn Society is a fellowship of men and women who believe in the purposes of organized camping and want to ensure that camping continues as a growing, educational opportunity for those who follow. Membership in The Acorn Society is automatically obtained by including a bequest to ACA in your estate planning through a will, an insurance policy, a unitrust or through other financial avenues. You are cordially invited to join! Contact Andrew McMullan or ACA's National Office for details. As a member, you will be ACF's guest at the gala Acorn celebration dinners held in conjunction with each ACA annual conference. These are stunning affairs and good fun, too!

ACF has taken an advisory role in "I Believe" fund raising. "I Believe" National Chair Jean McMullan, who sits on the ACF board, reports that the annual "I Believe" fun(d) events in sections and at national conferences, together with individual contributions, raised $38,399 last year. The $270,975 presently in this fund is used for the working capital needs of the association. When ACA uses "I Believe" funds for temporary cash flow needs, the funds are later returned and available for other uses. The hard work of each section and those in charge of national conferences makes this fund work. The goal is to raise $50,000 in fiscal year 1993.

ACF offers an extension to the ACA scholarship program for camps that wish to set up a permanent camper scholarship endowment fund. This program allows independently owned ACA- accredited camps to accept tax deductible contributions for a scholarship endowment to provide funds to lower-income campers to attend their camps. Three camps have established permanent endowments managed by ACF for their scholarship programs.

ACF has recently accepted from Bob Hansen a gift of his camp! (See article in the September/October 1992 issue of Camping Magazine). By taking advantage of a charitable remainder trust, Bob will give the ACF endowment campaign a big boost, will have major tax savings for himself, and will receive significant income for life.

So when you see the initials, ACF, know that there is an extremely talented and hard working group of volunteers stretching the precious dollars of the Foundation for the benefit of camping and all of ACA's members!

Financial Review

In its first full year of operation, the American Camping Foundation is on the road to providing financial security for the American Camping Association. The ACA endowment funds were transferred to the newly formed foundation in March 1991, and since then, the foundation has continued all the former endowment programs. The preliminary plans of the ACF Board of

Directors have just begun to produce results: the first payments on the new endowment campaign have started rolling in.

ACF was formed as a supporting organization for ACA, to raise additional funds and to manage the endowment funds in existence. Only interest earned on the endowment funds or current contributions can be used for expenses; the endowment principal is inviolate.

The funds that are restricted consist of ACA life memberships and scholarship contributions for the three accredited camps which have started scholarship endowments.

The unrestricted funds comprise the general endowment, the new endowment campaign, and a variety of "memorials" begun in memory of prominent former members.

In 1992, ACF was designated as trustee of a charitable remainder trust. Though the assets donated had not been valued at year-end, the contribution is significant. The grants awarded in fiscal year 1992 included life memberships, the Rosahn memorial lecture grant, the Schmidt grant for the education of a Boy Scout professional, the Howe grant for the Golden Quill and Lens writing and photography awards, and scholarship grants for Gwynn Valley Camp.
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Author:McMullan, Andrew
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Date:Jan 1, 1993
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