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American Business Media (ABM) Agri-Council.

On behalf of the members of the American Business Media Agri-Council, I am excited to take part in this year's annual AMS in Portland, OR. Our joint venture has yielded positive opportunities for all agricultural media for eight years running. This year is no different.

The foremost gathering of ag communication leaders from agrimarketers to college students, AMS fosters personal growth and development at all levels. It is an ideal event to build relationships with key players in the industry and I look forward to being part of it once again.

As chairman of the ABM Agri-Council, I have witnessed a plethora of forward-thinking ideas put in motion by our members during the past year. A few key opportunities stand out that I am thrilled to report on.

As our partnership with AAEA and LPC grows stronger each year, individual ideas and proposals become intertwined among all three organizations. A prime example of this trend is currently taking place between our organization and AAEA, as they recently adopted ABM's editorial code of ethics (see page 32). This effort further demonstrates the cross threading of ideas occurring among the three bonds that comprise the AMS.

As a separate unit, we are accomplishing one of our own core missions--to develop research that demonstrates the value of agricultural media. Building on the foundation created last year from our Harris Interactive study, ABM Agri-Council members recently developed a FAQ e-mail campaign targeting agricultural marketers and agencies. It will shed light on preferred media formats among farmers and ranchers and analyze the use of technology, particularly the Internet, in rural America. This is significant as we continue to mine our research database for information that is useful to our members and the organizations they represent.

With innovative ideas and progressive initiatives in the works, we are looking forward to another exciting and successful year with our AMS partners.

by Bill Newham, Chairman, ABM

Agri-Council food360[degrees] Division,

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Title Annotation:American Business Media
Author:Newham, Bill
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Date:Jul 1, 2006
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