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American Business Continuity Domes Announces Strategic Alliance with Dome Technology and ES2 Engineering System Solutions.

Alliance Will Accelerate Nationwide Development of Domes, with Initial Focus on Storm Shelter Domes

MIAMI -- American Business Continuity Domes (ABC Domes), the U.S.-based developer and builder of disaster-resistant, steel-reinforced thin-shell concrete domes, has announced its strategic alliance with two of the most renowned dome design, engineering and construction firms in the world, Dome Technology and ES2 Engineering System Solutions.

This powerful alliance well positions ABC Domes to continue on an aggressive expansion plan to build specialized commercial domes throughout the United States. The company presently has multi-dome business continuity facilities in Lakeland, Florida, a LEED Silver rated dome in Sealy, Texas and a school dome, under construction in Hammon, Oklahoma. ABC Domes' structures provide near absolute protection from hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and fires, and are utilized by a variety of industries for purposes ranging from secure storage to disaster recovery and business continuity. The domes are built for use as:

* FEMA Storm Shelter Domes

* Disaster Recovery Command Centers

* Emergency Equipment and Vehicle Storage

* Bulk Storage

* Records/Data Warehousing and Inventory

* Community Centers

* Sports Arenas and Gymnasiums

* Churches

* Offices

* Schools

* IT Server Parks

* Data Centers

* Video Projection Domes

"We are proud to announce this alliance with Dome Technology and ES2 Engineering," said Peter Fedele, Chief Executive Officer of ABC Domes. "These two powerhouse companies are internationally accomplished and are highly regarded in the industry for their break-through technology, their rock solid domes, and their uncompromising integrity in all aspects of business. We are fortunate to have these partners and the opportunities that our combined and powerful resources afford us. There is growing interest in our product and services, especially when natural disasters make headlines again," continued Mr. Fedele.

ABC Domes are far superior to traditionally constructed buildings. Because of their strong and ergonomic shape, and use of superior building materials, they are virtually unaffected by time, weather, seismic activity, or manmade assault, thus meeting FEMA's standards for near-absolute survivability. The domes, built to withstand wind speeds of 300 miles per hour, are the most disaster-resistant structures that can be built, and at a price-to-value ratio more favorable than traditional construction.

Dome Technology is a world-leader and premier builder of insulated steel reinforce concrete domes. Over the past 30 years, they have successfully completed 500 domes throughout the United States and internationally. As a team, ABC Domes and Dome Technology possess more than 45 years of proven experience in the creation of thin-shell concrete domes.

ES2 Engineering System Solutions is a full-service, licensed, and insured structural, electrical, plumbing and mechanical engineering company, and a Building Systems Commissioning firm. In the area of steel reinforced, thin-shell concrete domes, ES2 has advanced design and analysis skills not found in any other professional firm in the world. ES2 has been the engineer of record for the vast majority of reinforced concrete shells constructed globally, using the air formed method.

For further information, please contact Peter Fedele at 305.633.3336, or Lisa Schunack at 305.441.8580. Or, visit:
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Comment:American Business Continuity Domes Announces Strategic Alliance with Dome Technology and ES2 Engineering System Solutions.
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Date:Sep 4, 2012
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