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American Business Carpet offers tips on ways to save.

Few building amenities offer so much as the comparatively low cost of wall-to-wall carpet. Whether for tenant space or common areas, there is nothing like today's attractive commercial carpet for that finishing touch.

But what type is best for your building and, especially in these economic times, how much to spend?

Here are some tips:

Commercial carpets are basically constructed in two ways. The first is loop pile and the second cut pile. Loop pile will wear better and should be used in most high traffic areas. Cut pile is suitable for less trafficked areas such as interior offices.

There are two basic installation methods. The first is "direct glue down," the second "tackless with padding." The glue down method is usually better because it eliminates the potential for stretching. The padding method, of course, gives a softer feel underfoot, but leaves open the possibility for buckling.

There are three major types of yard used for today's commercial carpets. Wool, the best for most applications, is also the most expensive. Nylon, the most popular, combines many of the qualities of wool, including resiliency, color fastness, and wear ability, but is also less expensive and is by far the most often used in commercial carpets. Its cost runs the gamut from inexpensive to very expensive, depending on weight and style. The third yarn, olefin, is also called polypropylene. It holds a unique place among commercial carpets -- it is very stain resistant and colorfast. Although not as resilient as nylon or wool, it offers the best bang for the buck, comes in all sorts of colors and patterns, and will give years of wear at prices starting as low as $10 per square yard.

As with so many other thing, use a specialist when you can when buying. Even the smallest neighborhood carpet store can sell commercial carpet. However, commercial carpet is not like residential carpet. The installation is usually different, as are the materials. Even more importantly, residential dealers will not have the relationships and the buying power with the commercial mills, as will the commercial contractor.

Let's face it. There are so many difficulties in running even a small building today that having economically priced and suitable chosen carpet installed quickly and professionally should not be one of them.

Today's commercial carpets are actually more affordable than ever before, many even less expensive than basic vinyl tile, and when it's all said and done, there really is nothing quite like the warmth and richness of a wall-to-wall carpet.

For additional information, you man contact American Business Carpet at (800) 649-4300 or visit the website at
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