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American Agricultural Editors' Association (AAEA).

Many years ago, the math I learned in Garfield Elementary School taught me 1+1+1=3. Since that time, I've encountered math that doesn't always adhere to that logic, and instructors who couldn't understand why I was so mentally limited as to think "three" was the only answer to the problem. Still, I've usually done pretty well when I add three "ones" and come up with one "three."

That holds true until you apply the same formula to the Ag Media Summit--a phenomenon that truly does add up to more than the sum of its principal partners! In chemistry we note a catalyst can alter a reaction without becoming a part of the resulting compound. AMS is much like a three-part chemical reaction with the catalyst of the human spirit and networking thrown in.

I'm convinced the result is a conference that is much stronger, effective and more far-reaching than the combined outcome of three separate "get-togethers" by AAEA, LPC and ABM. That's my firm opinion after watching the growth and enthusiasm generated by AMS since its inception.

There are detractors who say such a meeting takes away from the strength of the individual partners ... to which I say, "BUNK!" The partners must remain strong throughout the year through good organization and open communication or they have nothing to bring to the AMS table.

In a world of shrinking numbers in agriculture, the combined efforts of AMS's three organizations allows more communicators from all facets of our industry to meet, greet and share ideas in collaborative efforts that may not be possible otherwise.

I'm happy to be part of AAEA's leadership for the year 2005-2006, and I think the program, site, and opportunities afforded by this year's meeting in Portland are outstanding examples of what like-minded individuals can do when they join hands toward the common goal of professional improvement.

by Dan Crummett, AAEA President

Farm Progress Companies,

Ponca City, OK
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Title Annotation:Garfield Elementary School
Author:Crummett, Dan
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Date:Jul 1, 2006
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