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America's future Air Force--limitless horizons.


* Winning the GWOT: Razor-sharp focus on fighting and winning

* Developing and caring for our Airmen: Maximizing effectiveness of the world's best Airmen

* Recapitalizing and modernizing our air and space systems


* Provide ready air and space forces to respond to the full range of warfighter needs, today and tomorrow

* The Air Force must be proficient, able to surge, and agile

* The Air Force must be postured in a continuous war fighting mode to win the GWOT

* The Air Force must fight as an integrated Total Force, a Joint force, and a Coalition force

* The Air Force must win in air, space, and cyberspace--an absolute prerequisite for any engagement on the land, in the air, or on the sea


* Obtain knowledge and assets needed to guarantee command of the air, space, and cyberspace commons

* Optimize organizations and practices for cross-Command, Joint, interagency, and Coalition operations

* Become recognized as a world-class innovator in technology operations, asset management, and business practices

* Key provider of information, network, and cyberspace capabilities in peacetime and wartime

* A high-quality, balanced, and diverse force that challenges, develops, and values its people

* Recognized as a model for integrity, service, and excellence

Organizational Structure and Business Practices:

Increase Efficiencies and Capabilities

* Transform from 139 Combat Wings in 1990 to 86 Combat Wings by 2012

* Improve processes and organizational efficiencies to enhance our ability to employ air, space, and cyberspace power in support of Combatant Commanders

* Proceed deliberately in achieving efficiencies and improving processes to continue our transformation to a more lean and modern force

* Continue organizational streamlining and globally positioning Warfighting Headquarters to provide seamless transition from peacetime to wartime operations and maximize reach-back operations

* Foster lean processes: Quality standards across the Total Force

* Provide persistent situation awareness to effectively monitor and control resources

* Implement lessons learned processes to continuously seek and share improvements


Pro vide an Expeditionary-minded, Technologically Sophisticated Force

* Focused: Airmen will train and exercise to think and act as expeditionary, Joint warfighters.

* Skilled: Airmen will be prepared to operate across the cultural spectrum, with technological and language skills, cultural awareness, and the doctrinal understanding to strategically engage in both kinetic and nonkinetic operations.

* Flexible: Airmen will operate effectively in air, space, and cyberspace domains.

Technology: Technological Capabilities Can Provide a Roadmap for Warfighter Operations

* Science and technology: Air Force innovation creates capability for the Joint warfighter.

* Increased reliance on unmanned aircraft: Continue culture of experimentation

* Leverage information technology: Achieve cyberspace dominance
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Date:Sep 22, 2006
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