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Amen for the totalitarianism.

The Government shot two bullets at the Macedonian journalism on Wednesday - A2 TV was closed and the agreement with the Macedonian Association of Journalists (ZNM) for decriminalization of slander was presented, Xhelal Neziri comments for Friday's leading article. In his view, the closing of A2 TV is no longer news because the same thing happened to several media last year.

"Start of the working of this TV with limited open concept and daily debates made citizens captives in front of the TV screens. However, the problem rested in the fact that these debates were not in the scheme of the projected "democracy."

This act is warning to all other TV stations that promote debate and freedom of speech as the pillar of democracy. It is a signal that they could face guillotine as well, if outside the frame, designed by the system. The same day when A2 was closed, the Government and ZNM announced the agreement on decriminalization of slander. If you have seen the fines and the salaries of journalists, editors and even the financial capacity of the media, then this agreement is suicide for the profession. The acceptance of this agreement and his introduction on the day of the closing of A2 TV opens strong suspicions that ZNM, as well as the Broadcasting Council, are used as a tool for creation of the totalitarian governing in Macedonia's media sphere. Nothing is left but to say amen for the totalitarianism," Neziri writes.
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Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Jun 15, 2012
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