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Amcor PET Packaging chooses Sortex Sorters for French recycling venture.

Amcor PET Packaging has selected Sortex Sorters as a key part of its French-based recycling plant.

The state of the art Sortex Z3 mono sorter will play a vital role in the pivotal recycling process at the heart of Amcor's European operation.

In a world that is becoming increasingly ecologically conscious, Amcor has long recognised that PET's recyclability offers a major environmental benefit.

It is predicted that there will be one million tons of post-consumer PET collected every year in Europe by 2010, and in the UK alone last year, over 700 million PET bottles were recycled to produce fibre filling, clothing, pallet strapping, carpeting and containers, thus drastically reducing the amount of raw material required in the manufacturing process and greatly alleviating the burden placed on land fill sites.

It is this recycling ethos that Amcor has whole-heartedly embraced at its European production plant at St. Marie La Blanche near Dijon. Here the company tests and develops product lines and improves the quality of recycled PET products and the production process even further.

Key to this plant is the recycling process--from discarded bottles to re-processed raw material that is ready to be turned back into usable products. Bales of postconsumer bottles are brought to this site to be sorted, cleaned and crushed before being turned into recycled PET pellets, from which new containers can be manufactured. Essential to this process is scrupulous cleaning and the removal of the foreign bodies that can easily contaminate the material brought for recycling. Also essential is the sorting of the PET flakes into colour shades--transparent, light green and blue.

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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:May 1, 2006
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