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The Study of Short-Term Plastic Visual Perceptual Training Based on Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology in Amblyopia. Tan, Fan; Yang, Xubo; Fan, Yuchen; Liao, Yongchuan Report Sep 1, 2022 4718
Mum's horror after camera flash on young son hides deadly secret behind his eyes; Chloe Ross said that after her son Cayson-Jay Palethorpe turned two she noticed his left eye appeared cloudy and had a squint, which she just put this down to a 'lazy eye'. By, Lucy Skoulding Aug 18, 2022 1425
Evaluation of Stereopsis in Children with Corrected Anisometropia According to Type, Severity, and Presence of Amblyopia. Dikkaya, Funda; Erdur, Sevil Karaman Report Jul 1, 2022 3865
Accommodative Lag Persistence in Treated Anisometropic, Strabismic, and Mixed Amblyopia. Ale Magar, Jit B.; Shah, Shaheen P. May 10, 2022 3867
Anisometropic Amblyopia: Analysis of treatment results with patching of dominant eye and refraction with active visual therapy (AVT) in school age children. Mohammad Alam, Lal Mohammad and Shaukat Khan Mar 31, 2022 2259
The use of specialized computer games for the treatment of amblyopia in Latvia. Kalnica-Dorosenko, Kristine; Valeina, Sandra; Svede, Aiga; Krumina, Gunta Report Dec 15, 2021 4213
EFFECT OF PART-TIME PATCHING THERAPY ON VISUAL OUTCOME IN PATIENTS WITH ANISOMETROPIC AMBLYOPIA VISITING AFIO RAWALPINDI. Ammarah Ashraf, Hannan Masud, Shafaq Rabbani, Palwasha Noor and Haroon Javaid Clinical report Oct 31, 2021 2318
Treatment of children with amblyopia. Bonci, Fabrizio Aug 1, 2021 2277
2 MINUTES ON... Lazy eye. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Jul 19, 2021 284
Lazy eye; DMUULS 30 DAILY MIRROR MONDAY 19.07.2021 Dr Miriam Stoppard MINUTES ON... MiriamStoppard Jul 19, 2021 282
The causes and impact of amblyopia: This article considers the different causes of amblyopia and the impact it can have on patients throughout life. Bonci, Fabrizio Jun 1, 2021 2363
Frequency of Refractive Error And Amblyopia in Strabismus in Pediatric Age Group. Noureen Malik, Hannan Masud, Imran Basit and Palwasha Noor Apr 30, 2021 2114
Gaming key in eye test pilot; Tech helps develop'lazy eye'screening. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Apr 23, 2021 517
Thicknesses of Macular Inner Retinal Layers in Children with Anisometropic Amblyopia. Xia, Zheren; Chen, Hao; Zheng, Suilian Report Oct 19, 2020 3887
Intracranial Mass Lesion in a Patient Being Followed up for Amblyopia. Kocer, Ali Mert; Ilhan, Bayazit; Gungor, Anil Sep 1, 2020 1844
The Potential of Virtual Reality for Inducing Neuroplasticity in Children with Amblyopia. Coco-Martin, Maria B.; Pinero, David P.; Leal-Vega, Luis; Hernandez-Rodriguez, Carlos J.; Adiego, Jo Jul 31, 2020 6923
Bilateral myelinated nerve fiber layers, high hyperopia, and amblyopia. Saad. Alenezi Jul 1, 2020 1147
Active Vision Therapy for Anisometropic Amblyopia in Children: A Systematic Review. Hernandez-Rodriguez, Carlos J.; Pinero, David P. Clinical report May 31, 2020 5543
Enhanced Gray Matter Volume Compensates for Decreased Brain Activity in the Ocular Motor Area in Children with Anisometropic Amblyopia. Lu, Weizhao; Yu, Xueliang; Zhao, Lisheng; Zhang, Yanli; Zhao, Feng; Wang, Yi; Qiu, Jianfeng Apr 30, 2020 4707
Mum's desperate plea after son's lazy eye turned out to be terminal cancer; Kyle Morrison, 8, of Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontline Glioma and given just a year to live. But there's new hope if his family can raise [pounds sterling]150,000. By, Alice Cunningham & Ryan Merrifield Jan 15, 2020 776
Full time occlusion VS part time occlusion in treatment of monocular amblyopia. Mohammad Asim Mehboob, Shoaib Muhammad and Muhammad Asad Farooq Dec 31, 2019 2969
Classification of Visual Cortex Plasticity Phenotypes following Treatment for Amblyopia. Balsor, Justin L.; Jones, David G.; Murphy, Kathryn M. Sep 30, 2019 14041
Contribution of Short-Time Occlusion of the Amblyopic Eye to a Passive Dichoptic Video Treatment for Amblyopia beyond the Critical Period. Sauvan, Lauren; Stolowy, Natacha; Denis, Daniele; Matonti, Frederic; Chavane, Frederic; Hess, Robert Sep 30, 2019 8701
Altered Spontaneous Brain Activity of Children with Unilateral Amblyopia: A Resting State fMRI Study. Dai, Peishan; Zhang, Jinlong; Wu, Jing; Chen, Zailiang; Zou, Beiji; Wu, Ying; Wei, Xin; Xiao, Manyi Report Aug 31, 2019 6924
Clinico Etiological Profile of Strabismic Amblyopia--An Observational Study. Prameela, R.; Sujatha, G.; Jayanthi, B.N. Aug 19, 2019 2719
Amblyopia Global Market 2019 Size, Share, Sales Statistics, Key Player Profiles Forecast 2023. Aug 7, 2019 763
The Effect of Combined Patching and Citalopram on Visual Acuity in Adults with Amblyopia: A Randomized, Crossover, Placebo-Controlled Trial. Lagas, Alice K.; Black, Joanna M.; Russell, Bruce R.; Kydd, Robert R.; Thompson, Benjamin Jun 30, 2019 5729
Visuomotor Behaviour in Amblyopia: Deficits and Compensatory Adaptations. Niechwiej-Szwedo, Ewa; Colpa, Linda; Wong, Agnes M.F. Jun 30, 2019 16668
HARDWARE METHODS OF TREATMENT OF ANOMALIES REFRACTION AND STRABISMUS. Saidov, S.A.; Makhkamov, J.M.; Murodov, S.N.; Sultonaliev, A.Kh. Report Jun 1, 2019 377
New developments for amblyopia: This article reviews the literature to outline amblyopia treatments that aim to improve binocular as well as monocular visual outcomes. Chima, Akash Singh Jun 1, 2019 3283
Making a spectacle of ourselves by not spotting our son's lazy eye; Richard IRVINE DOUBLE TROUBLE FOR A FIRST-TIME DAD OF TWINS. May 23, 2019 449
Making a spectacle of ourselves by not spotting our son's lazy eye; DOUBLE TROUBLE FOR A FIRST-TIME DAD OF TWINS. May 23, 2019 452
Making a spectacle of ourselves by not spotting our son's lazy eye; DOUBLE TROUBLE FOR A FIRST-TIME DAD OF TWINS. May 22, 2019 452
Making a spectacle of ourselves by not spotting our son's lazy eye; DOUBLE TROUBLE FOR A FIRST-TIME DAD OF TWINS. May 22, 2019 451
Making a spectacle of ourselves by not spotting our son's lazy eye. May 22, 2019 489
Making a spectacle of ourselves by not spotting our son's lazy eye; DOUBLE TROUBLE FOR A FIRST-TIME DAD OF TWINS. May 22, 2019 434
Making a spectacle of ourselves by not spotting our son's lazy eye. May 22, 2019 434
Making a spectacle of ourselves by not spotting our son's lazy eye Richard IRVINE; DOUBLE TROUBLE FOR A FIRST-TIME DAD OF TWINS Making a spectacle of ourselves by not spotting our son's lazy eye. May 22, 2019 434
Making a spectacle of ourselves by not spotting our son's lazy eye. May 22, 2019 443
Making a spectacle of ourselves by not spotting our son's lazy eye; DOUBLE TROUBLE FOR A FIRST-TIME DAD OF TWINS. May 22, 2019 437
Inverse Occlusion: A Binocularly Motivated Treatment for Amblyopia. Zhou; He, Zhifen; Wu, Yidong; Chen, Yiya; Chen, Xiaoxin; Liang, Yunjie; Mao, Yu; Yao, Zhimo; Lu, Fan Clinical report Apr 30, 2019 8467
Boy, 9, has months to live after 'lazy eye' turned out to be brain tumour symptom; Charlie Stephenson, of Martham, Norfolk, was diagnosed with Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) in February. Apr 15, 2019 799
Here's how having a lazy eye can affect a child's self-esteem. Nov 19, 2018 208
Amblyopia, Strabismus May Slow Test Performance in Children; Findings based on mean time to complete multiple-choice answer forms. Jun 15, 2018 197
Effect of Timing of Initial Cataract Surgery, Compliance to Amblyopia Therapy on Outcomes of Secondary Intraocular Lens Implantation in Chinese Children: A Retrospective Case Series. Li, Liuyang; Wang, Yan; Xue, Caihong Jan 1, 2018 4774
Screening of Primary School Children for Amblyopia and Amblyogenic Factors in Central Cairo, Egypt. Rashad, Mohammad A.; Abd Elaziz, Khaled M.; Fawzy, Samah Mahmoud; Abdel latif, Ahmed Abdel Meguid; A Jan 1, 2018 3695
Characteristics of Anisometropic Patients with and without Strabismus. Duman, Resat; Atilla, Huban; Catak, Emine Report Jan 1, 2018 2653
Improvement of Adherence with Occlu-Pad Therapy for Pediatric Patients with Amblyopia. Totsuka, Satoru; Handa, Tomoya; Ishikawa, Hitoshi; Shoji, Nobuyuki Jan 1, 2018 2629
Comparison between Amblyopia Treatment with Glasses Only and Combination of Glasses and Open-Type Binocular "Occlu-Pad" Device. Iwata, Yo; Handa, Tomoya; Ishikawa, Hitoshi; Goseki, Toshiaki; Shoji, Nobuyuki Jan 1, 2018 2582
Classification Analysis of Occlusion Therapy for Amblyopic (Lazy / Squint eye) using Pattern Visual Evoked Potential (P-VEP). Bairavi, N.; Asvedha, B.; Aarthi, A.; Vijayaragavan, Kalaivaazhi Report Oct 1, 2017 1835
Analysis of Macular and Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness in Children with Refractory Amblyopia after Femtosecond Laser-assisted Laser In situ Keratomileusis: A Retrospective Study. Zhao, Peng-Fei; Zhou, Yue-Hua; Zhang, Jing; Wei, Wen-Bin Report Sep 20, 2017 3831
MINUTES ON Lazy eye. Aug 7, 2017 249
Contrast sensitivity in microtropic and anisometropic eyes of successfully treated amblyopes. Oner, Ozlem; Bayar, Sezin Akca; Oto, Sibel; Gokmen, Onur; Tekindal, Mustafa Agah Report Mar 1, 2017 3153
Pseudoamblyopia in Congenital Cyclotropia. Frattolillo, Antonio; Tassi, Filippo; Di Croce, Valentina; Schiavi, Costantino Report Jan 1, 2017 3452
A Meta-Analysis of Choroidal Thickness Changes in Unilateral Amblyopia. Liu, Yanli; Dong, Yi; Zhao, Kanxing Report Jan 1, 2017 5731
Sensory Eye Dominance in Treated Anisometropic Amblyopia. Chen, Yao; Wang, Jiafeng; Shi, Hongmei; Wang, Xiaoxiao; Feng, Lixia Report Jan 1, 2017 4126
A clinical study of partial occlusion therapy in management of amblyopia in children aged 5 years to 15 years. Thiyagarajan, Ponnusamy; Ganapathirajesh, Sudalaiyandi; MohamedAliAyeshatasneem; Hidaya, Noorul; Ani Report Sep 22, 2016 2560
Early 'detection of amblyopia is crucial for good vision'. Jun 11, 2016 549
Analysis of association between type of amblyopia and gender at a tertiary care hospital in Karachi. May 31, 2016 2923
New hope for adults with lazy eye. Apr 1, 2016 250
Lazy Eye: Is Patching the Solution? Jan 23, 2016 506
Evaluation of higher order aberrations in children with unilateral anisometropic amblyopia. Swadique, Muhemmed; Hussain, Shaji; Parambath, Binu Balan Report Aug 3, 2015 4211
Views on the importance of coordination capacities for people with amblyopia. Oana-Cristiana, Ionescu; Mariana, Cordun Report Jun 15, 2015 2380
Lazy eye; 2MINUTES ON... Jun 1, 2015 233
Amblyopia treatment beyond the critical period. Barrett, Brendan Jan 10, 2015 4141
A cross sectional study on prevalence of amblyopia in school going children. Janti, Siddharam S.; Raja, A.M.; Matheen, Adnan; Charanya, C.; Pandurangan, R. Clinical report Jul 28, 2014 1670
Amblyopia and treatment/Ambliyopi ve tedavisi. Kocak, Gozde; Duranoglu, Yasar Report May 1, 2014 6479
Interocular shift of visual attention enhances stereopsis and visual acuities of anisometropic amblyopes beyond the critical period of visual development: A novel approach. Huang, Liwen; Sun, Xinghuai; Luo, Gang; Liu, Shuai; Liu, Rui; Mansouri, Behzad; Wong, Vicky wing lai Report Jan 1, 2014 4310
Analysis of retinal nerve fibre layer changes in anisometropic amblyopia by Heidelberg retina tomograph. Dec 31, 2013 3315
A syndrome of extensive peripapillary myelinated nerve fibres, high ipsilateral myopia and refractory ambylopia. Ganagi, Shrinivas M.; Budihal, Shivaraj Clinical report Dec 9, 2013 1567
Factors influencing the surgical success in patients with infantile esotropia/Infantil ezotropyada cerrahi basariyi etkileyen faktorler. Yusufoglu, Elif Eraslan; Cinar, Fatma Gul Yilmaz; Somer, Deniz; Burcu, Ayse; Akkaya, Zuleyha Yalniz; Report Nov 1, 2013 4375
Computer game promises cure for lazy eye. Sep 19, 2013 278
Clinical course and response to therapy in different types of amblyopia /Farkli ambliyopi tiplerinde klinik seyir ve tedavi. Duman, Resat; Atilla, Huban Clinical report Sep 1, 2013 5020
Fresh hope for sufferers of lazy eye. Aug 2, 2013 398
Computer game promises cure for lazy eye. May 23, 2013 278
Tetris 'could help lazy eye'. Brief article May 3, 2013 246
Computer game promises cure for lazy eye: researchers. Apr 30, 2013 266
Comparison between posterior pole analysis and macular thickness measurement mode using optical coherence tomography in unilateral anisometropic amblyopes/Optik koherens tomografi ile arka kutup analizi ve makula kalinligi olcum modu sonuclarinin tek tarafli anizometropik ambliyoplarda karsilastirilmasi. Ulas, Fatih; Kaymaz, Abdulgani; Dogan, Umit; Erdurmus, Mesut; Celebi, Serdal Report Mar 1, 2013 2813
Management of Anisometropic Abmlyopia in adults. Tayyab, Ali; Kausar, Ayisha; Masrur, Amena; Naseem, Kamran Report Feb 28, 2013 2026
Total darkness can cure `lazy eye`. Feb 17, 2013 332
Investigation of the pupil diameter differences in anisometropic amblyopia/Anizometropik ambliyopide pupil capi farklarinin arastirilmasi. Kocamis, Sucattin Ilker; Cakmak, Hasan Basri; Cagil, Nurullah Report Jan 1, 2013 4545
A case of biateral extensive persistent pupillary membranes with amblyopia and cataract/bilateral genis persistan pupiller membran, ambliyopi ve kataraktli bir olgu. Kocabeyoglu, Sibel; Sekeroglu, Hande Taylan; Dikmetas, Ozlem; Mocan, Mehmet Cem Report Jan 1, 2013 1235
Video games 'may help treat lazy eye in adults'. Jun 10, 2012 536
Childhood vision screening in Canada: public health evidence and practice. Mema, Silvina C.; McIntyre, Lynn; Musto, Richard Report Jan 1, 2012 5938
Effectiveness of patching in correcting refractive errors in cases with anisometropic amblyopia/Anizometropik ambliyopi olgularinda kapama tedavisinin refraksiyon kusurlarina gore etkinligi. Yildiz, Aykut Arslan; Bardak, Yavuz Report Dec 1, 2011 2114
Indian study fixes 'lazy eye' in older kids using video game treatment. Oct 24, 2011 261
Evaluation of macular thickness and retinal nerve fiber layer by optical coherence tomography in cases with strabismic and anisometropic amblyopia/Strabismik ve anizometropik ambliyop olgularda makula kalinligi ve retina sinir lifi tabakasinin optik koherens tomografi ile degerlendirilmesi. Soyugelen, Gulizar; Onursever, Nihal; Ceran, Basak Bostanci; Can, Izzet Clinical report Oct 1, 2011 2736
Playing video games help improve vision of adults with 'lazy eye'. Sep 4, 2011 208
Acupuncture may help treat lazy eye. Dec 14, 2010 334
Photoscreening 'could detect lazy eye in children'. Oct 3, 2010 210
New neurological deficit behind lazy eye identified. Disease/Disorder overview Sep 16, 2010 247
New neurological deficit behind lazy eye identified. Disease/Disorder overview Sep 11, 2010 247
Researchers Identify New Neurological Deficit behind Lazy Eye. Disease/Disorder overview Sep 11, 2010 408
Refractive error, strabismus and amblyopia in congenital ptosis/Konjenital pitoziste refraksiyon kusurlari, sasilik ve ambliyopi. Tok, Ozlem Yalcin; Koyuncu, Selda; Kocaoglu, Fatma Akbas; Ornek, Ayse Burcu Firdevs Report Sep 1, 2010 2630
Kids with patches for lazy eye: Study. May 13, 2009 350
Infants to benefit from early detection test. Brief article Apr 10, 2009 186
Lazy eye treatment time 'is reduced'. Dec 12, 2008 361
Treatment times for 'lazy eye' can be drastically reduced. Dec 10, 2008 370
Hope offered by study for adults suffering 'lazy eye'. Brief article Jul 25, 2008 246
Exercises counteract lazy eye. Seppa, Nathan Brief article Mar 15, 2008 270
Study: amblyopia doesn't affect health or social outcomes. Moon, Mary Ann May 1, 2006 517
Waking up that lazy eye. Seppa, Nathan Brief Article May 14, 2005 255
Amblyopia. Moss, Marilyn H. Mar 1, 2005 1126
Adaptation. Katter, Eldon Editorial Jan 1, 2005 629
Weekend atropine is effective against 'lazy eye'. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Dec 1, 2004 435
Shorter duration of patching adequate for amblyopia. Finn, Robert Dec 1, 2004 385
Amblyopia requires prompt, aggressive Tx; recent onset is a red flag. MacReady, Norra Jul 1, 2004 640
Amblyopia requires prompt, aggressive Tx: recent onset is a flag. MacReady, Norra Jun 1, 2004 544
Less patching fine for amblyopia in young children: two studies. Finn, Robert May 1, 2004 564
LASIK for lazy eye. (Clinical Capsules). Brief Article Jun 15, 2003 139
LASIK for lazy eye. (Pediatric Briefs). Tucker, Miriam E. Brief Article Jun 1, 2003 139
Ask Doctor Cory. SerVaas, Cory Oct 1, 2002 703
Atropine drops, patch both benefit amblyopia. (Blurring Vision in the Good Eye). Frieden, Joyce May 1, 2002 627
Preschool Vision Screening Using the MTI-Photoscreener[TM]. Berry, Barbara E.; Simons, Brad D.; Siatkowski, R. Michael; Schiffman, Joyce C.; Flynn, John T.; Dut Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2001 4695
Early Eye Exam May Save Your Child's Life. David, Daniel D. Dec 1, 1999 800
Amblyopia: the silent thief. Rose, Sharon E. Feb 1, 1998 2214
Pediatric exam foreshadows vision problems. Fackelmann, Kathy A. May 1, 1993 599
Amblyopia. pamphlet Oct 1, 1989 815

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