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Ambassador of good taste.

SELECTING AND SERVING GOURMET CHEESE CAN CONFUSE EVEN THE MOST SOPHISTICATED EPICUREAN. That's why Hoboken, N.J.-based Of Course Foods introduced The Cheese Ambassador Cheese Course Collections.


Each of The Cheese Ambassador's two collections includes three exquisite cheeses from some of the world's finest producers, plus a comprehensive guide with tasting notes, serving tips and pairing suggestions. They are ideal for holiday and Super Bowl parties, hostess gifts and family gatherings.

The American Artisanal Collection showcases the bounty of the Heartland and includes a nutty Wisconsin Gouda, an assertive Three-Year Old Amish Cheddar from Pennsylvania, and a creamy Cave-Aged Blue from Minnesota. The Gouda is produced by a fourth-generation cheese maker and aged for more than six months, while the cheddar is produced on a small Amish farm outfitted with horse-drawn plows. The blue cheese is cavern-aged for 70 days.

For consumers craving Old World sophistication, The Mediterranean Collection is comprised of tangy Spanish Tipsy Goat, French Port Salut and Italian Piave. Tipsy Goat hails from La Mancha, home of Don Quixote. It is aged for 40 days and bathed in a local red wine, giving it a striking violet rind. Port Salut is a buttery cheese originally made by Trappist monks in the Brittany region of France. Named after a river that flows at the base of the Italian Alps, Piave is an aged cheese with a concentrated flavor reminiscent of Parmigiano-Reggiano with hints of caramel and toasted nuts.

Both collections are $35 and serve four to six people. For more information, visit, or call 201-526-4730.
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Date:Nov 1, 2009
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