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Amazon reduces prices for S3 storage.


Amazon Web Services LLC, a subsidiary of Inc (Nasdaq:AMZN), announced on 9 October that it will lower prices for the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) effective 1 November 2008.

Amazon S3 provides on-line remote storage of data for individuals and businesses. The service charges on a per-GB, per-month basis, with additional charges for data transfer into and from storage. The new rates are tiered to reduce the per-GB cost as a user's stored data volumes increase, with the first 50TB of storage costing USD0.15 in the US and USD0.18 in Europe.

For storage volumes between 50TB and 100TB, the cost is USD0.14(US) or USD0.17(Europe). The next tier (between 100TB and 500TB of storage in total) costs USD0.13(US) or USD0.16(Europe), with the final tier for customers with over 500TB of storage charged at USD0.12(US) or USD0.15(Europe).

All prices are for storing one GB of data for one month.

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Publication:Internet Business News
Date:Oct 9, 2008
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