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Amazing ice cream without all the calories.

WITH the first proper sunshine of the year, chances are you're fancying some ice cream.

Indulge too often though and you can kiss goodbye to your summer beach bod. Or maybe not

Low-fat brand Halo Top outsold Ben & Jerry's in America last year and plenty of "guilt-free" ice creams are hitting the shelves here, too.

But how healthy are these lower calorie brands, and do they actually taste any good? Angela Dowden valiantly dug into eight varieties to find out

Wheyhey Chocolate, PS3.85 for 500ml, Sainsbury's

Per 2 small scoops (100ml): Calories, 81; saturates, 2.2g; sugars, 0.4g; protein, 7.3g

Lower cal how? Xylitol - a tooth-friendly sweetener also used in sugar-free chewing gum - replaces all the sugar, while added whey protein helps curb hunger. Health rating 8/10

Still yummy? Rich cocoa taste, but not the best texture (icy rather than creamy). Taste rating 6/10

Oppo Ice Cream Colombian Chocolate with Hazelnut, PS4.50 for 500ml, Asda

Per 2 small scoops (100ml): Calories, 85; saturates, 2.3g; sugars, 5.1g; protein, 4.2g Lower cal how? Stevia and erythritol replace the sugar. Low-fat cocoa powder, minimal cream and chocolate keep the calories and cholesterolraising saturated fat lower.

Health rating 6/10

Still yummy? Smooth bitter chocolate flavour - the pieces of hazelnut are lovely. Taste rating 8/10

Breyers' Cookies & Cream, PS4.99 for 500ml, Asda Per 2 small scoops (100ml): Calories, 70; saturates, 1.2g; sugars, 5.5g; protein, 3.9g Lower cal how? Skimmed milk is the key to waistline friendliness here, while sugar is kept lower with use of erythritol and stevia. Health rating 7/10

Still yummy? Dense, creamy texture, not over sweet but there's a slight aftertaste. Taste rating 6/10

Ben & Jerry's Moo-phoria Caramel Cookie Fix Light Ice Cream, PS4.60 for 00ml, Sainsbury's r 2 small scoops (100ml): Calories, 128; saturates, 2.7g; sugars, 14g; protein, 2.2g Lower cal how? Chopped down levels of cream reduce the fat and calories. Free from artificial sweeteners, but not super slimline and has over three teaspoons of sugar in a two-scoop serving. Health rating 4/10

Still yummy? Overwhelmingly sweet and not quite as creamy as the full-fat version. Taste rating 5/10

Skinny Cow Mint Double Choc, PS2.50 for 3 x 90ml, and Waitrose Per stick (90ml): Calories, 98; saturates, 1g; sugars, 13.2g; protein, 1.8g Lower cal how? Lower fat dairy, but with over three teaspoons of sugar per stick not terribly waistline friendly. Health rating 5/10

Still yummy? Smooth creamy texture and choc pieces, but you must like mint! Taste rating 8/10

Wall's Vanilla Light, PS2.20 for 1.8litre, Asda Per 2 small scoops (100ml): Calories, 62; saturates, 1.4g; sugars, 7.5g; protein, 1.3g Lower cal how? It's airier than regular Wall's vanilla with some of the fat and sugar replaced by inulin, a fibre that's gut friendly.

Health rating 7/10

Still yummy? A bit thin and milky but this isn't pretending to be a luxury brand. Fine for an everyday soft scoop. Taste rating 4/10

Yoomoo Strawberry, PS3 for 500ml, Sainsbury's Per 2 small scoops (100ml): Calories, 95; saturates, 0.5g; sugars, 15.6g; protein, 1.8g Lower cal how? Made with yogurt, not the double cream you'll find in indulgent ice cream. It's got four teaspoons of sugar per two scoops though. Health rating 4/10

Still yummy? Slightly artificial flavour but refreshing, with nice strawberry fruity sauce swirled through. Taste rating 6/10

Chocolate Frozen Yogurt, PS2 for 500ml. Asda Per 2 small scoops (100ml): Calories, 83; saturates, 0.6g; sugars, 12g; protein, 2.3g Lower cal how? It's yogurt, not cream, based and only 4% actual chocolate (lower fat and calorie cocoa powder gives the flavour). Health rating 6/10

Still yummy? Dark chocolately flavour and a surprisingly creamy texture for a frozen yogurt. Taste rating 7/10
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Date:Apr 19, 2018
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