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Amazing Ben Franklin Inventions You Build Yourself.


What do bifocals, paper money, and lightning rods have in common? All were invented or influenced by scientist and politician Ben Franklin. A brilliant man, Franklin not only helped found America, but by following his keen intellectual curiosity, he opened the door to many inventions that people still find useful. Van Vleet combines an easy-to-read biography of Franklin with step-by-step instructions for building some of his inventions. Examples include the armonica, a musical instrument made of glasses containing water, a rudimentary printing press based on the one used by Ben Franklin to print his popular newspaper, The Pennsylvania Gazette, and a piggy bank, representing Franklin's maxim that "a penny saved is a penny earned." Readers also learn about Franklin's famous experiments with electricity, his standardization of the United States Postal Service, and his role in establishing U.S. independence. For ages 9 and up. Nomad Press, 2007, 120 p., b&w illus., paperback, $14.95.

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Publication:Science News
Date:Oct 13, 2007
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