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Amapi 3D Modeler Optimized for Intel Pentium III Processor; New Amapi Web Player Provides Lightweight Component for Fast, Interactive Rendering on the Web.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 17, 1999--

--Popular NURBS and Polygon Modeler Goes Even Faster using Intel's

New Streaming SIMD Extensions--

At the Intel(R) Pentium(R) III Processor Preview Day, TGS announced that the popular Amapi(TM) 3D modeler has been optimized for the new Pentium III processor, taking advantage of new instructions which enhance interactive 3D performance.

Available in March 1999, Amapi 3D v4.1.5 works on all Intel Architecture-based systems, and will automatically take advantage of the enhanced performance offered by the Pentium III processor.

Users don't have to wait to see the benefits of Amapi 3D and the new Pentium III processor, as TGS has developed the Amapi 3D Web Player for previews of Amapi models. Available immediately from, the Amapi 3D Web player works on all Intel Architecture-based systems, and will work faster on Pentium III processor-based systems. This free player is a perfect way to view, in live 3D, real models which are optimized for extremely fast transfer and animated rendering within a standard browser. The player is just 100K, and the 3D models are often under 1K in size.

"Amapi 3D and the new Pentium III processor platform deliver a very attractive price/performance level for professional graphics designers," said Stan Mo, Director of Tools and Technologies, Intel Corporation. "And this solution is not only attractive to professionals, but is also a solid tool for small design shops, students and hobbyists."

Amapi 3D is a popular NURBS and polygon modeler, used to create 3D objects used for games, architecture, product design, industrial design, medical, manufacturing and CAD applications. Amapi 3D is also viewed as the "best value" in its product class, priced at $399 where rival products are offered at over $1,000. It is well regarded for allowing the 3D artist to quickly create efficient models of high quality, especially in the area of smooth edges, filleting and skinned surfaces.

"The Pentium III processor will lower the overall cost of PC ownership by eliminating the need for extra 3D hardware for many users," said Terry Baker, CEO of TGS. "Amapi 3D is a perfect partner to the Pentium III processor

platform, because it provides the best value for NURBS and polygonal modeling, a critical capability for digital designers."

Amapi 3D 4.1.5 Integration with the Pentium III processor

Amapi 3D version 4.1.5 takes advantage of the new instructions of the Pentium III processor in several ways, including:

-- During the modeling process, Amapi 3D is able to display in real

3D as lighted and shaded surfaces. This rendering has been

enhanced to use Pentium III SIMD instruction set. The modeling

process is faster and interactivity is improved. Amapi 3D

switches automatically into this mode when it detects the SIMD

instruction set.

-- ActiveStyles(TM), TGS' new rendering technology that includes

fast Phong rendering, a selective photo-realistic ray trace

engine and artistic rendering styles, that has been enhanced to

use Pentium III processor instructions for rendering.

-- Coming soon, wavelet compression for textures, 3DS Max Nurbs

import, ""

More About Amapi

Since 1993 Amapi has offered designers an affordable, innovative approach to 3D modeling by easing the creation and editing of complex geometric shapes. It has gained popularity by providing a flexible modeling technique that supports many advanced features, such as NURBS, Gordon surfaces and polygon-level tools that far surpass most modelers. Designers and artists worldwide use Amapi to create models for industrial styling, architecture, interior design, furniture, exhibit design, packaging, bottling, illustration, video games, matte backgrounds for films and multimedia. Amapi 3D models can be exported in 19 file formats, which allows them to be used in most rendering and animation applications.

What Users Say About Amapi 3D

"Amapi 3D is a must have for any graphics artist. As a companion product, nothing creates models as well or as quickly. As a standalone product, no other product packs as much power for the price as Amapi 3D does." -- Matt Silverman, Seismographics

"The fact that polygons can be sub-divided and smoothed ... is an extremely powerful advantage. It is amazing that such a powerful modeler is also so affordable!" -- Fred Lewis, Moving Media

"... a great complement to animation packages such as Lightwave ... and easy enough for my cat to learn." -- Gary Phillips, AnimHouse

"Lightning fast! The more I use Amapi, the more I like it!" -- Alan Groening, Cartoonist

Amapi 3D Pricing and Availability

The list price of Amapi 3D v4.0 is $399 (U.S.). Version 4.1.5 with Pentium III Processer optimization will be available March 1999 at the same cost. Please visit or call 619/457-5359 for more details.

About TGS

TGS Inc. (Template(R) Graphics Software) develops 2D/3D graphics software applications for 3D design, Web publishing, multimedia, corporate and SOHO business users on PC and Mac systems. The company also delivers professional 3D C++ and Java developer toolkits that are used by commercial, corporate and academic software developers on UNIX and PC systems. TGS software products enable the full spectrum of graphics creation and use, from rendering technology to network and enterprise visualization. A founder of the Internet 3D VRML standard, and with over 1 million application seats deployed using TGS-licensed software, TGS is a recognized leader in the area of 3D graphics and VRML technology. For more information, visit

TRADEMARKS: 3Space and Template are registered trademarks, and Amapi, ActiveStyles, Natural Design Interface, WireShade and the TGS logo are trademarks of Template Graphics Software, Inc. OpenGL is a registered trademark of Silicon Graphics, Inc. All other trademarks belong to their respective companies.
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