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Amalto Technologies Rated as Cool Vendor in Platform and Integration Middleware.

Gartner has selected Amalto Technologies as Cool Vendor 2009

HOUSTON & PARIS -- Amalto Technologies today announced that it has been rated by Gartner as one of the three 2009 Cool Vendors in Platform and Integration Middleware.

Gartner analysts recognise the innovative platform and integration middleware of Amalto's b2een solution to address both the technology and delivery models necessary to reduce the time and effort of rolling out large scale B2B projects between customers and suppliers. The Amalto b2een solution combines state-of-the-art peer to peer technology, a Web user interface, and a native XML database to facilitate the enablement of secure document exchanges with trading/business partners within virtual communities.

Amalto CEO, Jean-Pierre Foehn, stated: "We are very pleased to be recognised as a true innovator by Gartner and be in that very small club of Cool Vendors. This acknowledges Amalto's new approach to B2B transactions based on technologies which are both easy to deploy and to use, especially by small and mid-sized enterprises. At Amalto we are changing the paradigm of B2B e-transaction project rollout with the concepts of private and open trading communities. Our free downloadable B2B software provides a user experience which is a mix of Outlook and Skype. The very versatile technology supporting b2een, leveraging all the resources of cloud computing and social B2B networks, gives large organizations like Chevron or General Electric Oil and Gas and their trading partners of all sizes a chance to benefit from electronic transactions in the shortest deployment time. The original promises of the 1990's for a full digital B2B world are finally emerging and this is very cool!".

About Amalto

Amalto is a leading provider of solutions enabling B2B transactions for the Oil and Gas industry. With its b2box, a PIDX* compatible software solution, Amalto brings to mid size O&G equipment and service providers an easy way to transact with their trading partners directly from their back office systems. With b2een, Amalto enables exchanges of documents like invoices or field tickets between peers of the same trading communities through a very intuitive but secured environment.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 4, 2009
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