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Amalgamation schemes; antiblackness and the critique of multiracialism.


Amalgamation schemes; antiblackness and the critique of multiracialism.

Sexton, Jared.

U. of Minnesota Press


345 pages




Sexton (African American studies/film and media studies, U. of California, Irvine) offers a critique of multiracialism in the U.S., from the emergence of multiracial studies in the 1980s to the federal race and ethnicity classification debates of the 1990s. His study highlights the relationship between sexuality and racial politics in general and interracial sexuality and multiracial identity in particular; challenges the conservative tendencies of contemporary multiracialism and confronts the recruitment of the multiracial movement by right-wing political forces intent on undoing the gains of the civil rights movement; revisits the history and significance of the one-drop rule of hypodescent, the central point of contention for multiracial critics; and recommends a conception of nonbiological racial embodiment that disarticulates interracial sexuality from "miscegenation" and resituates racialization in a field of power.

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Date:Nov 1, 2008
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