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Articles from AmCham Egypt Tenders Alert Service (TAS) (November 20, 2012)

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Assuring the (a) cellular flow at the hospital's laboratories, (b) supply of medical requisites or the New University Hospital, (c) requisites for the thrombosis laboratory, (d) surgical sutures, (e) requisites for the so called in place (Fisch type ) hyb. 190
Conducting the required annual maintenance and renovation works for the university's in Shoubra. 107
Construction of a fence at Al Eslah Farm in Al Marg Jail. 131
Construction of a training swimming pool next to the indoors sports hall at Hurgada city for completion in 18 months. 138
Construction of spectators seats, dress rooms, also swimming pools gates at the Faculty of Sports Education in Saber bay. 125
Discharge of gases emitted inside the ferrosilicon furnace and reducing noise at the filters station. 118
Extension of potable water supplies to deprived areas and villages under 5 contracts. Deadlines 12/6, 12/9, 12/10, 12/11 & 12/12/2012. 138
Maintenance of (a) 40 thermal scanners, also (b) supply of 2 million shots of a three stage vaccine. 130
Purging of irrigation water storage tanks & moving of the rock shaped sludge & the wet sludge from Al Lagoun Lake at Shekh Zayed waste water purification station to public land fills. 133
Purging, dredging & removal of aquatic weeds from canals at subordinated locations in Kafr El Zayyat & West El Mehalla El Kobra. Deadlines 12/3, 12/4 & 12/5/2012. 127
Rehabilitation / replacement and rewinding of electric motors serving the company's submersible pumps. 116
Rehabilitation / replacement of potable water pipelines serving different villages also rehabilitation of a water filtration plant, both in Markaz Beba under 2 contracts. 139
Rehabilitation of a Mercedes 1979 fire truck. 128
Rehabilitation/ replacement of sanitary drainage sloping networks & discharge pipelines at subordinated locations. 118
Renovation / revamping of four living quarters for soldiers guarding Al Fayyoum Jail. 119
Renovation of the University staff rooms at the first upper floor of the Faculty of Education, also erection of electric cables at the ground floor of the same building. 124
Repair of lavatories and overcoming water over flow at them serving division 2 of the Fever Hospital. 119
Replace and renovation of the drainage network's gradient pipelines in Sharabass village. 119
Request for registration of centers and hospitals for open heart surgery and catheterization of all ages from one day old up to 60 years. 122
Request for registration of suppliers to feed the company with 66 kV, 50 cycle per second via two sources (separated or synchronized) of 30 MW for each source. 130
Request from specialized contractors regarding the rehabilitation and replacement of roofs and lavatories at the laboratory's administrative building. 133
Request of best offers and proposals in a public auction for the issuing of licenses to export plus/ minus 100,000 tons white rice for shipment not later than 01/31/2013. 133
Request of offers from companies and agents to supply 13,000 M2 C.T.P. printing sheets in different volumes and sizes with related chemicals. 121
Request of offers from companies and agents to supply Cold Set web offset printing inks in black & other colors with related compatible humidifying solution for the Euro M Mitsubishi branded new print machine. 129
Revamping of Edfou local municipality building & warehouses. 109
Supply & erection of 152 batteries for UPS instruments at the Auto Telephone Exchange in Alexandria including 60 of 40 A / hour capacity & 92 of 60 A / hour capacity. 134
Supply & erection of electricity rods (columns) with related accessories, also (b) construction of a social care building in Aga City. 131
Supply & erection of one 2,000b Amp. DC current power station at the Auto Telephone exchange in Alexandria on turn key basis. 133
Supply & manufacturing of equipment & parts for the third eggs laying station. 104
Supply and erection of a (voice) public address system to serve the Center's buildings at both the expansion land and the solar energy land. 119
Supply of (a) copying paper , also (b) toner for computer printers & copiers. 127
Supply of (a) environment measuring instruments, also (b) stationary and office supplies. 123
Supply of (a) food for the patients & employees, (b) general purpose medical requisites, (c) urology requisites, also (d) artificial kidney requisites. Deadlines 12/3, 12/4, 12/5 & 12/6/2012. 141
Supply of (a) manholes fiberglass covers for various water stations at different subordinated locations within Damietta Governorates, (b) rubber tiers and batteries, (c) scientific laboratory instruments for the rehabilitation of potable water and sanitar. 178
Supply of (a) spare parts for the central workshops, (b) annual maintenance contracts for gas chromatograph instruments and other instruments, also (c) supply of batteries. Deadlines 12/17, 12/18 & 12/19/2012. 146
Supply of 100 tubeless rubber tires of 22.5 X 80 X 305 size of Egyptian / European / Japanese or Korean manufacture. 130
Supply of 27,000 M2 so called Sengabi tiles in 25 X 25 X 2.5 cms. size. 134
Supply of computers, printers, laptops, data show instruments & copiers. 113
Supply of electric equipment & tools. 104
Supply of imported & frozen genetic fluid doses sufficient for 2,500 cows & 1,000 veal heads. 110
Supply of rubber tires & batteries for vehicles & equipment. 119
Supply of rubber tires & batteries. 105
Supply of scientific instruments for the Oil Refining Laboratory at the Faculty's Chemical Engineering Div. 110

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