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Articles from AmCham Egypt Tenders Alert Service (TAS) (May 17, 2012)

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Completion of Abu Alaa Al Azhari Complex in Port Said. 124
Conducting the required (a) finishing of the new taxes building in Kom Hamada, (b) finishing of the new taxes building in Giza, beginning of El Omraniya, (c) finishing of the new taxes building in Al Shohadaa, also (d) revamping of the Taxes Training Cent. 156
Conducting the required (a) painting of the front side walls of the Medical Center among other cracks treatment works, (b) civil works for the cooling towers serving the distillation factory & (c) civil works for a U shaped discharge path serving Komombo. 162
Conducting the required (a) rehabilitation of building B and building D at the female students living quarters in Heliopolis, also (b) construction of fences around the Faculty of medicine premises and around the University's branch in Al Obour City. 166
Construction of a fence around Baltim Sports Club. 108
Maintenance of (a) Panasonic branded plain paper copiers, also (b) the central air conditioning at Al Azhar Library. 134
Maintenance of 1,650 computer terminals including related original spare parts, related software, also of three servers for the Terminals Dept. 127
Maintenance of the Branch buildings and subordinated units. 114
Repair of six elevators at the Districts' Complex Building on 42 Shubra St., Cairo. 115
Repair of two elevators handling food at the male students living quarters and rehabilitation of two other elevators at Gomhouria building. 119
Request for best offers and proposals in public auctions for selling (a) palm dates of a 185 feddans farm & mango fruits of a 127 feddans farm in a farm in East Al Oweinat, Al Ein Village, in El Wadi El Gedid, (b) mango fruits of a 110 feddans farm in Gez. 248
Request for registration of contractors, also of suppliers of equipment and related spare parts. 112
Request for registration of suppliers to supply packaging and wrapping requisites, printed stationery and computers requisites. 117
Request of best offers and proposals for the leasing and agricultural exploitation of three land lots of about 54 feddans, 63.5 feddans & 93 feddans area part of El Ballasi Farm in Manzala, Dakahliya, for one year. 173
Request of best offers and proposals for the leasing and exploitation for fish farming of three lots of about 52 feddans, 46 feddans & 53 feddans area part of El Ballasi Farm in Manzala, Dakahliya, for one year. 171
Request of offers from specialized engineering firms, government agencies, universities and research centers as part of the FIMP - Field Irrigation Management Project under funding from the World Bank, Ubifrance & Jetro of Japan. 287
Revamping of main and subsidiary passages at level minus 1 at the hospital. 112
Supply and erection of painted steel (sections) for the roof of the cotton warehouse in Alexandria. 119
Supply of (a) a body composition analyzer, (b) UVB narrow band and broad band UVA instrument, (c) an Implant Stability Quotient instrument (ISO), (d) a diode laser instrument, also (e) a three zone tube furnace. 142
Supply of (a) a fodder press of 10 tons/ hour capacity, also (b) telescopic pistons for the cane dumping devices of the decovile coaches. 136
Supply of (a) a self primed river barge of 100 M3 storage capacity, (b) another similar barge but of 50 M3 storage capacity, (c) a motor boat, also (d) a so called Benton to load excavator in 4 lots. 143
Supply of (a) an accelerated solvent extractor, (b) a bactec instrument, (c) a congulometer instrument, also (d) a nephlometer. 125
Supply of (a) control valves for boilers, (b) batteries and pneumatic valves, (c) stainless steel nipples for the blowers, (d) rubber rings and shock absorbers for the blowers, (e) carbon brushes, also (f) rehabilitation of control instruments serving the. 164
Supply of (a) different type pumps, (b) spare parts for the cane presses' blades, (c) measuring instruments with related accessories, (d) electric contactors, (e) magnetic flow measuring meters. Deadlines 6/19, 6/21, 6/21, 6/23 & 6/23/2012. 147
Supply of (a) double insulated copper wire with varnish, (b) two alkaline nickel batteries of 200 Amp./ hour capacity, (c) spare parts for measuring and control instruments, (d) butter fly valve with magnetic drive and related pneumatic system, also (e) 5. 169
Supply of (a) electric cables, (b) electric and pneumatic drives, (c) 355 KW electric motor with electronic starter, (d) butterfly valve made of stainless steel No. 316 of 800 mm. diameter, (e) spare parts for MWM Australian engines & (f) air cylinders. D. 162
Supply of (a) fruits, (b) vegetables and (c) dairy products. Deadlines 6/6, 6/10 & 6/24/2012. 118
Supply of (a) H5 N1 vaccines of local production and race, also (b) sovereign veterinary medicines including a compound to treat fashiola infections, another to combat stomach worms and an insecticide to spray on animals. 154
Supply of (a) imported acids and inorganic chemicals and dissolvent, fodder, (c) insecticides & (d) chemical fertilizers. Deadlines 5/28, 5/27, 5/27 & 5/27/2012. 131
Supply of (a) laboratory chemicals, (b) Eppendorf type tube, also (c) organic chemicals. Deadlines 5/27, 5/27 & 5/28/2012. 118
Supply of (a) laboratory instruments for the emergency (standby) laboratory, (b) auxiliary instruments and operating consumables for the same, (c) other installations and construction drawings for the same, also (d) an E.M.G. muscles plotter. Deadlines 6/. 151
Supply of (a) one hydraulic excavator on chain with 15 to 17 meters long boom, also (b) a vehicle mounted 30 tons telescopic crane at 3 meters distance in two lots. 135
Supply of (a) pharmaceutical chemicals, (b) Gamma Camera requisites, (c) extending the required services to get the Hospitals qualify for quality works and get the 15189/ 2007 quality certification, also (d) supply of requisites for the Endoscopes Divisio. 150
Supply of (a) two 220 volt nickel cadmium batteries, also (b) twenty one 11 kV current transformers. 125
Supply of (a) two fully electrically operating table, (b) two ceiling double surgical (lead) light technology, (c) two dental units complete, (d) an anesthesia machine, (e) a gynecology examination chair, (f) a high risk incubator, (g) a mechanical ventil. 178
Supply of 0.5 cms. self destructive syringes. 113
Supply of 55 KW electric motors to Komombo Factories. 110
Supply of an artificial breathing instrument for early borne babies. 123
Supply of computers, networks and software for the emergency (standby) laboratory. 107
Supply of raw materials and requisites for the University print shop. 109
Supply of ready made and cooked meals to the Directorate. 118
Supply of requisites for the endoscopes division. 114
Supply of single cabin and double cabin semi trucks. 128
Supply of spare parts for a TCM forklift of FD 80 Z 8 model served by an Isuzu engine of 6 BG 1 model. 133
Supply of uniforms for the Nursing Division. 105
Supply of vegetables and fruits to (a) El Arish Zoological Park, also (b) Beni Suif and Fayyoum Zoological parks. 134
Supply of veterinary medicines and vaccines to cover the requirements of the Governorate's projects for poultry and fodder at Kafr El Sheikh Selim. 118
Supply, commissioning and guarantee of central data storage units, licenses for standby duplicating software and barcode printers required for different Ministry's projects. 142
Supply, erection, commissioning and guarantee of (a) four operation theater tables one for brain, nerves and precision surgeries, one for orthopedics and precision surgeries & two for general surgeries, (b) two monitors & five liquids suction devices, (c). 169

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