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Alzheimer Society research grants and training awards, 2002-03: 1-800-616-8816. (Funding).

Social & Psychological Research Grants

Lynn Beattie, University of British Columbia. CSHA-BC cohort linkage: characterization, prediction and costs of Health Services. $107,515

Neena Chappell, University of Victoria, BC. Quality of life for people with Alzheimer type dementia and their caregivers. $119,545

Bonnie Dobbs, University of Alberta, Edmonton. Development and assessment of psychoeducational group interactions: 1) for individuals with Alzheimer Disease who have lost their driving privileges and 2) for their primary caregivers. $118,902.40

Francine Ducharme, Institut universitaire de geriatrie de Montreal, Montreal. Health status of older men who, as informal caregivers, care for women with dementia in their homes. $115,485

Geoff Fernie, Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre, Toronto. The development of an intelligent cognitive orthosis to facilitate independent toileting in Alzheimer Disease. $101,483.84

Krista Lanctot, Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre, Toronto. Interactions between herbal medicines and conventional drug therapy. $119,474

Sherry Dupuis, University of Waterloo, Ontario. Towards an understanding of institution-based caregiving in the dementia context. $89,061.40

Hazel MacRae, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, NS. Living with Dementia: The experience of the person who is ill. $5,264. This award is for one year.

Social & Psychological Young Investigator Grants

Anne Decary, Hopital du Sacre-Couer de Montreal. Effects of sleep disturbances and alertness level on cognitive function in the elderly. $50,000

Alison Phinney, University of British Columbia, BC. An interpretive study of the lived body in Alzheimer Disease. $48,354

Social & Psychological Postdoctoral Awards

Angela Birt, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS. An investigation of intention and prospective memory abilities in Alzheimer's Disease.

Alex Mihailidis, Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre, Toronto. The development of an intelligent cognitive orthosis to facilitate independent toileting in Alzheimer's Disease.

Social & Psychological Doctoral Awards

Sarah Auchterlonie, Concordia University, Quebec. The role of contextual information in patients with dementia of the Alzheimer type: implications for semantic memory processes, treatment and early diagnosis.

Catherine Burton, University of Victoria, BC. The effects of inconsistency on functional status in Alzheimer Disease.

Luisa Cameli, Concordia University, Quebec. Grammar and the lexicon in a native and second language: evidence of a double dissociation between Alzheimer and Parkinson's Disease.

Patricia Ebert, University of Victoria, BC. Psychosocial predictors of success following memory intervention in elderly participants.

This award was funded by Joey's Only Seafood Restaurants.

Shannon Fuchs, University of Regina, SK. Pain and dementia: the effects of systematic pain assessment on clinical practice and caregiver burden.

Pia Kontos, University of Toronto. Exploring the embodied experience of Alzheimer Disease.

Mark Oremus, McGill University, Montreal. Use of medications in the Alzheimer's Disease population: physician and caregiver perspectives.

Kevin Peters, University of British Columbia. Neuropsychological subgrouping of cognitively-impaired-not-demented individuals.
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Date:Jun 17, 2002
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