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Alzheimer's drugs 'in 5 years'.

A DRUG to treat or even prevent Alzheimer's may be just five years away after a breakthrough.

Researchers discovered the disease is caused by immune cells in the brain triggered by inflammation. Experiments found that by destroying specific cells, known as microglia, they reduced the formation of clumps of amyloid beta that cause memory loss.

The research could quickly lead to the development of medicines to fight the rogue proteins, said the University of Bonn team in Germany.

Prof Richard Ransohoff, of Harvard Medical School in Boston, US, added: "It is heartening and invigorating to have a newly discovered mechanism to consider in the quest to treat Alzheimer's disease."

For years inflammation has been suspected of having a role but the exact nature of its involvement has been hard to pin down - until now.

About 850,000 people in Britain have dementia, with Alzheimer's the most common form, with the figure set to reach a million by 2025 because of the ageing population.

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 21, 2017
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