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Always on the roads to hell; The top ten 'hellish commute' routes in our region.

Byline: Jane Tyler Staff Reporter

MANY motorists in Birmingham and the Black Country have long suspected it as they they sit seething behind their steering wheels, but now it's official - their daily commute really is the road to hell.

A survey of the slowest A roads during the morning rush hour has revealed the worst ones are in the West Midlands.

Figures released by the Department for Transport (DOT) has drawn up a Top 10 of "hellish commute" routes in the region.

These were major roads which recorded the slowest speed during the morning rush hours in June.

And taking the top spot was the A34 southbound in Sandwell, where frustrated drivers crawled along at a snail-like 8.2mph.

The second slowest stretch of road was the southbound section of the A4030 in Sandwell where morning speeds reached only 10.2mph on average.

In third place was the A4150 eastbound in Wolverhampton, with an average speed of 10.5mph.

But at the other end of the scale, the quickest A road during rush hour in the West Midlands was the A4177 northbound in Solihull, where average rush hour speeds reached a rapid 44.5mph.

The release of the figures comes just days after parts of the West Midlands ground to a halt when the busiest section of the M6 was closed for eight hours on Friday due to an accident.

The closure of the entire motorway between Junctions 6 and 7 led to surrounding roads being gridlocked from 10am to 5pm and long beyond.

hour According to the DOT figures, nationwide the slowest stretch of A road in England is the A407 westbound in Barnet, London, where cars travelled slower than walking pace at an average of 2.8mph.

The DOT concluded that A roads across England are getting slower, with the average rush hour speed of 24.4mph in June 2014 falling slightly to 23.8mph in June 2015.

And in the West Midlands, when measured by local authorities, Wolverhampton had the slowest roads, with the average speed being just 16.4mph.

Birmingham came second with a morning commute of 17.5mph and Sandwell was third were motorists crawled along at 17.6mph.

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Aug 19, 2015
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