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Always listen to grandpa. reported on June 29 about a home invasion in Orlando, Florida, that was halted by an armed grandson. The grandfather, 77-year-old Robert Shuster, was sitting in his recliner watching TV in the middle of the night when a stranger walked through his front door. As Shuster explained to, the intruder "didn't have a shirt. Man had no shirt on and those big pants the kids wear. I thought it was my grandson." Shuster acknowledges that he moves slowly at his age and his wife is confined to a wheelchair, so he yelled to his 17-year-old grandson to "get the gun." His grandson did what he was told and grabbed a 9mm handgun. The grandson confronted the intruder and told him to leave, but the intruder refused and grabbed the grandson's arm. The grandson fired his gun, injuring the intruder, who fell to the floor with a serious gunshot wound. The suspect was taken to a nearby medical facility and was listed as being in a coma, although doctors expect the man to live. Shuster said nobody knew who the suspect was and that he wasn't speaking English. Authorities believe the man was attempting to burglarize the residence.

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Title Annotation:EXERCISING THE RIGHT; burglary
Author:Krey, Patrick
Publication:The New American
Article Type:Brief article
Date:Aug 3, 2015
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