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Rio Tinto to invest $87m to increase low carbon aluminium production. Arab News Nov 18, 2021 232
Brits facing pie crisis with bakers told to re-use foil tins amid huge shortages; The problems are being blamed on a "perfect storm" of rising aluminium prices -which have shot up 50% to reach a 13-year high -along with labour shortages and inflation. By, Levi Winchester Oct 18, 2021 363
GIADEC, Rocksure partnership begins establishment of US$6 bn bauxite to aluminium value chain. Sep 20, 2021 1169
Alcoa plans restart of aluminum smelting capacity at Alumar in Brazil. Sep 20, 2021 186
Thermal Fatigue Model of Aluminium Alloy Die Casting H-13 Dies under Thermo-Mechanical Cycle. Mohammed, Ghusoon Ridha; Mubarak, Ethar Mohammed; Abbas, Basim Hussein Sep 1, 2021 3901
Rising aluminium prices boost Qamco valuation: QNBFS. Aug 31, 2021 567
EGA refinances $5.5bn corporate facility, boosts repayment terms. Aug 20, 2021 346
The Influence of the Bottom Hole of Cold Extruding Internal Thread on Thread Quality. Hou, Hongling; Chen, Xin; Zhao, Yongqiang; He, Yayin; Wang, Changqian Jul 1, 2021 4476
The Schaefer Group, Inc. May 1, 2021 485
Nigeria's Economy Loses Over N54.2trn Aluminum Smelting Export Yearly - ALSCON. Mar 26, 2021 666
Modeling and Simulation of AlSi- and AlCu-based Alloys: In this award-winning work, a model to predict the distribution of mechanical properties in popular aluminum alloys was developed. Catalina, Adrian V.; Xue, Liping; Monroe, Charles A.; Foley, Robin D.; Griffin, John A. Mar 1, 2021 2569
Effects of Annealing and Deformation on Sagging Resistance of a Hot-Rolled, Four-Layered Al Alloy Clad Sheet. Kang, Minglong; Zhou, Li; Deng, Yunlai; Lei, Jinqin Jan 1, 2021 5520
Microstructure and Fatigue Properties of 6061 Aluminum Alloy Laser-MIG Hybrid Welding Joint. Fan, Cong; Yang, Shanglei; Zhu, Minqi; Bai, Yishan Jan 1, 2021 7556
Effect of Welding Wires Containing ZrB[sub.2] Particles on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Spray-Formed 7055 Aluminum Alloy TIG Welded Joints. Huang, Ting; Xu, Junhua; Yu, Lihua; Hu, Yunxuan; Cheng, Yun; Zhang, Hao Jan 1, 2021 4701
The Correlation of Texture and the Formation of the Adiabatic Shear Band in 7XXX Aluminum Alloy during Dynamic Loading. Wu, Xiaodong Jan 1, 2021 4123
Strength Enhancement Study on Composites of AA6066 Aluminium Alloy with Magnesium Oxide and Coal Ash. Ponraj Sankar, L.; Aruna, G.; Sathish, T.; Parthiban, A.; Vijayan, V.; Dinesh Kumar, S.; Rajkumar, S Report Jan 1, 2021 3750
Synthesis, Mechanical, and Tribological Performance Analysis of Stir-Casted AA7079: ZrO[sub.2]+Si[sub.3]N[sub.4] Hybrid Composites by Taguchi Route. Jegan, G.; Kavipriya, P.; Sathish, T.; Dinesh Kumar, S.; Samraj Lawrence, T.; Vino, T. Jan 1, 2021 5739
Evaluation of Corrosion Inhibition Efficiency of Aluminum Alloy 2024 by Diaminostilbene and Azobenzene Schiff Bases in 1M Hydrochloric Acid. Bhaskara, Shobha; Fakrudeen, Sanaulla Pathapalya; Desalegn, Tegene; Murthy, H. C. Ananda; Bheemaraju Jan 1, 2021 7793
Investigation on Microstructure and Tensile Properties of High-Strength AA2014 Aluminium Alloy Welds Joined by Pulsed CMT Welding Process. Chinnasamy, Rajendran; Chelladurai, Samson Jerold Samuel; Sonar, Tushar Jan 1, 2021 4358
Experimental Investigation of Dry and Cryogenic Friction Stir Welding of AA7075 Aluminium Alloy. Praveen Raj Navukkarasan, A.; Shanmuga Sundaram, K.; Chandrasekhara Sastry, C.; Muthu Manickam, M. A Jan 1, 2021 7368
Weldability Investigation and Optimization of Process Variables for TIG-Welded Aluminium Alloy (AA 8006). Sathish, T.; Tharmalingam, S.; Mohanavel, V.; Ashraff Ali, K. S.; Karthick, Alagar; Ravichandran, M. Jan 1, 2021 6921
Effect of Tool Profile Influence in Dissimilar Friction Stir Welding of Aluminium Alloys (AA5083 and AA7068). Jayaprakash, S.; Siva Chandran, S.; Sathish, T.; Gugulothu, Bhiksha; Ramesh, R.; Sudhakar, M.; Subbi Jan 1, 2021 3303
Rio Tinto launches new aluminum alloys to support recycling. Dec 1, 2020 172
Mechanical Properties and Microstructural Characterization of Dissimilar Friction Stir Welded AA5083 and AA6061 Aluminium Alloys. Rajaseelan, Sasi Lakshmikhanth; Kumarasamy, Subbaiah Nov 1, 2020 5276
US to impose tariffs on Croatian aluminium production. Oct 10, 2020 286
Application of Refractory Metals to Facilitate Hot Chamber Aluminum Diecasting: The ability to use the hot chamber process and achieve the superior material properties associated with the diecasting method will expand the automotive applications for structural aluminum castings. Han, Qingyou; Vian, Corey; Good, Jerry Sep 1, 2020 1995
Mining: Bauxite project gets green light. Aug 1, 2020 737
Qamco posts first-half net profit of QR14.6mn on revenues of QR1.12bn. Jul 23, 2020 440
Further Investigation of the Repetitive Failure in an Aircraft Engine Cylinder Head--Mechanical properties of Aluminum alloy 242.0. Vucetic, Nikola; Jovicic, Gordana; Krstic, Branimir; Zivkovic, Miroslav; Milovanovic, Vladimir; Kacm Jul 1, 2020 4227
The Effect of [alpha]-Al(MnCr)Si Dispersoids on Activation Energy and Workability of Al-Mg-Si-Cu Alloys during Hot Deformation. Wang, Xiaoguo; Qin, Jian; Nagaumi, Hiromi; Wu, Ruirui; Li, Qiushu Jun 30, 2020 6379
Computer Simulation of Automotive Camber Link Component for Improving Safety and Durability. Kim, Kee Joo; Kim, Tae-Kook Report May 1, 2020 2183
Study on Crack Initiation and Propagation of New Corrosion Inhibitor during Stress Corrosion of Aluminum Alloy. Du, Juan; Wei, Zi-ming; Yang, Xu-dong; Liu, Qing-mao; Song, Hai-peng; Hu, Xue-lan; Li, Xiang-yun Report Apr 30, 2020 7719
Theoretical Analysis and Experimental Research into the Mechanical Properties of Al-Ti-Al Symmetrical Laminated Plate. Yang, Xia; Ma, Yingchao; He, Dongsheng; Du, Xiaozhong; Wang, Rongjun Apr 30, 2020 6000
Flexural Behaviour of Unbonded Posttensioned Concrete Beam Strengthened with Aluminium Alloy Plates. Chang, Hong; Zhou, Wei Apr 30, 2020 5164
Effect of Alternate Corrosion and Fatigue on Fatigue Crack Growth Characterization of 2024-T4 Aluminum Alloy. Zhang, Tianyu; He, Yuting; Li, Changfan; Zhang, Teng; Zhang, Sheng Mar 31, 2020 8739
Exclusive: Ducab CEO on new copper, aluminium metal subsidiary DMB. Angitha Pradeep Mar 4, 2020 557
Exclusive: Ducab CEO on new copper, aluminium metal subsidiary DMB. Angitha Pradeep Mar 4, 2020 557
Altech Chemicals demonstrates green credentials of its high purity alumina production process. Feb 29, 2020 558
Altech Chemicals progresses towards goal of producing low-cost high purity alumina from kaolin. Feb 28, 2020 716
Annual aluminum output fell for first time in decade in China. Jan 19, 2020 347
TOP NEWS: Rio Tinto Pilbara Iron Ore Shipments Dip In 2019 As Forecast. Jan 17, 2020 483
North America Aluminium Powder Market Expected to Reach a Volume of 232, 600 Tone During the Forecast Period, 2019-2024. Jan 13, 2020 987
wholesale prices: aluminium prices weighed down by sluggish demand. Jan 11, 2020 138
Study of the Effect of Process Parameters on Surface Profile Accuracy in Single-Point Incremental Sheet Forming of AA1050-H14 Aluminum Alloy. Dabwan, Abdulmajeed; Ragab, Adham E.; Saleh, Mohamed A.; Anwar, Saqib; Ghaleb, Atef M.; Rehman, Atee Report Jan 1, 2020 8370
Numerical Simulation of Solid Particle Erosion in Aluminum Alloy Spool Valve. Liu, Jin-gang; Wang, Gao-sheng; Peng, Tian-heng; Jiang, Sheng-qiang Dec 31, 2019 6419
Sitong New Metal Material to invest USD 72 mln in new aluminum alloy plant in Jiangsu. Dec 26, 2019 179
Effect of Friction Stir Processing on Gas Tungsten Arc-Welded and Friction Stir-Welded 5083-H111 Aluminium Alloy Joints. Mabuwa, Sipokazi; Msomi, Velaphi Nov 30, 2019 6987
Aluminium Market 2019 Global Trends, Market Share, Industry Size, Growth, Sales, Opportunities, and Market Forecast to 2025. Nov 27, 2019 827
Analysis & Outlook on the World's Alumina & Aluminum Production & Processing Market, 2014-2019 & 2022. Nov 14, 2019 1059
EGA marks 40 years since aluminium production began in UAE. Nov 13, 2019 1246
Alcoa Corporation (NYSE: AA). Nov 12, 2019 2078
Iran to Open Largest Aluminum Mill in Upcoming Weeks. Nov 10, 2019 460
wholesale prices: aluminium alloy prices rebound. Nov 9, 2019 138
Alcoa Corporation (NYSE: AA). Nov 5, 2019 2075
Enhanced Corrosion Resistance of Recycled Aluminum Alloy 6061 Chips Using Hot Extrusion Followed by ECAP. Taha, Mohamed A.; Abbas, Adel T.; Benyahia, Faycal; Alharbi, Hamad F.; Guitian, B.; Novoa, X. Ramon Oct 31, 2019 4553
Global Aluminum Market Analysis 2013-2018 with Forecasting till 2023. Oct 29, 2019 390
Alcoa Corporation (NYSE: AA). Oct 29, 2019 2075
Alumina Ltd (ASE: AWC). Oct 28, 2019 829
LME aluminium may retest support at $1,710. Oct 27, 2019 127
Alcoa Corporation (NYSE: AA). Oct 22, 2019 2075
Alumina Ltd (ASE: AWC). Oct 21, 2019 829
Alcoa Corporation (NYSE: AA). Oct 15, 2019 1470
Strong Compound Growth of Aluminum Alloys is Set to Drive the Expansion of the Worldwide Magnesium Market. Oct 9, 2019 583
Global and China Aluminum Alloy Automotive Sheet Industry Report, 2019-2025 Featuring 8 Global and 10 Chinese Companies. Report Oct 2, 2019 873
Dynamic Behavior of Self-Piercing Riveted and Mechanical Clinched Joints of Dissimilar Materials: An Experimental Comparative Investigation. Ge, Yulong; Xia, Yong Sep 30, 2019 4385
Aluminium Metals Market Size, Global Industry Share, Key Vendors Historical Analysis, Development Strategy, Sales Revenue, Competitive Landscape and by Forecast 2025. Sep 26, 2019 965
Aluminum-Extruded Products Market Research Report, Analysis, Global Size, Share, Emerging Trends, Demand by Region with the Forecast to 2025. Report Sep 18, 2019 1166
Aluminium Metals Market 2019 / Global Trends, Future Growth, Opportunities and Forecast to 2024. Sep 17, 2019 1004
United States Secondary Aluminum Market Analysis and Forecast Report 2019-2025. Report Sep 13, 2019 912
Cryolite Market to Showcase Vigorous Demand during the Period until 2018-2028. Sep 2, 2019 823
Cryolite Market to Showcase Vigorous Demand during the Period until 2018-2028. Sep 2, 2019 837
Silicon Carbide Effect as Reinforcement on Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite. Report Aug 31, 2019 2347
Aluminum Castings Market with Current Trends Analysis 2018-2028. Aug 24, 2019 858
Aluminum Castings Market with Current Trends Analysis 2018-2028. Aug 23, 2019 872
Automotive Metal Wheel Market Delivers Higher Revenue Share as Contribution by Major Players Surge d. Aug 23, 2019 815
Automotive Metal Wheel Market Delivers Higher Revenue Share as Contribution by Major Players Surge d. Aug 22, 2019 828
wholesale prices: sluggish demand puts pressure on aluminium alloy. Aug 17, 2019 139
SDK Develops Technology to Directly Join/Bond Aluminum Alloys and Polycarbonate Resin. Aug 5, 2019 619
Aluminum Alloy Wheels Market 2019: Global Key Players, Trends, Share, Industry Size, Segmentation, Opportunities, Forecast To 2024. Aug 2, 2019 442
Automotive Aluminum Alloy (OE) Market Size, Share, Trends and Future Growth Predictions and Forecast. Jul 31, 2019 1056
Microstructural Changes and Mechanical Response of Aluminum-Based Composites Prepared with Dispersed Ce[O.sub.2] Nanoparticles. Baldenebro-Lopez, Francisco J.; Perez-Bustamante, Raul; Estrada-Guel, Ivanovich; Martinez-Sanchez, R Jul 31, 2019 3833
Automotive Aluminum Alloy (OE) Market Size, Share, Trends and Future Growth Predictions and Forecast. Jul 30, 2019 1069
A Sino-Saudi partnership to establish an industrial complex for aluminum production in Egypt on 6 sqm. Jul 25, 2019 215
Aluminum Castings Market Projected to Augment at a Notable CAGR during the Forecast Period until 202. Jul 18, 2019 1088
Cryolite Market Precise Scenario Covering Trends, Opportunities and Growth Forecast during 2018-2028. Jul 15, 2019 824
Cryolite Market Precise Scenario Covering Trends, Opportunities and Growth Forecast during 2018-2028. Jul 15, 2019 838
UC Rusal (HKG: 0486) - RUSAL is implementing a 'BigData' aluminium production management project at several of its Siberian smelters -- 26/6/2019. Jul 3, 2019 306
A New Alloy for Automotive Wheel Weight Reduction: In one study, the new alloy showed to be 10 to 15% stronger than 357 depending on aging treatment selection with similar elongation. Breton, Francis Jun 1, 2019 1649
Wear of potential tool materials for aluminium alloys friction stir welding at weld temperatures/Alumiiniumi otshoordkeevituse tooriista potentsiaalsete materjalide kulumine keevitustemperatuuril. Kolnes, Mart; Kubarsepp, Jakob; Sergejev, Fjodor Report Jun 1, 2019 3435
Automotive Cylinder Liner Market - Cast Iron Followed by Aluminium Alloy Expected to be the Most Att. May 17, 2019 728
Automotive Cylinder Liner Market - Cast Iron Followed by Aluminium Alloy Expected to be the Most Att. May 17, 2019 803
Aluminum Alloy Metal Delivers Innovative Scope to Bolster Automotive Metal Wheel Demand, reports Fac. May 6, 2019 678
Global aluminium output remains static in q1. Kazmi, S. Kamal Hayder Brief article May 5, 2019 139
Division Award Winners. May 1, 2019 355
The Schaefer Group. Inc. May 1, 2019 501
Influence of Hydrogen Content on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of ER5183 Wires. Han, Yilong; Xue, Songbai; Fu, Renli; Lin, Lihao; Lin, Zhongqiang; Pei, Yinyin; Sun, Huawei Apr 30, 2019 4271
Nanoparticles Advance Aluminum Alloy Welding. Apr 1, 2019 343
Mechanical Properties Optimization of Friction Stir Welded Lap Joints in Aluminium Alloy. Viscusi, Antonio; Astarita, Antonello; Prisco, Umberto Mar 31, 2019 6916
Effect of Prior Rolling on Microstructures and Property of Diffusion-Bonded Mg/Al Alloy. Ding, Yunlong; Shi, Jialian; Ju, Dongying Mar 31, 2019 3115
EGA eyes cut in UAE's building imports with waste study. Mar 6, 2019 281
Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Aluminium Alloy AW6082-T6 Joints Welded by Double-Sided MIG Process before and after Aging. Baskutis, Saulius; Zunda, Audrius; Kreivaitis, Raimondas Report Mar 1, 2019 4187
EFFECT OF [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] NANOPARTICLES ON CORROSION BEHAVIOR OF ALUMINUM ALLOY (Al-4.5 wt% Cu-1.5 wt% Mg) FABRICATED BY POWDER METALLURGY. Abbass, Muna Khethier; Sultan, Bassma Finner Mar 1, 2019 4131
World Commodities - Aluminium trades near one-month high. Kazmi, S. Kamal Hayder Brief article Feb 3, 2019 155
Aluminum Tooling Answers Hard Questions: Check your preconceptions about aluminum production tooling at Phoenix Proto's door. Deligio, Tony Feb 1, 2019 578
Top Canadian trade official says tariffs pose threat. Jan 10, 2019 975
Commerce ministry in favour to hike import duty on aluminium: Prabhu. Brief article Jan 6, 2019 361
INFLUENCE OF HEAT TREATMENT ON MICROSTRUCTURAL EVOLUTION AND MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF AA6061 ALUMINUM ALLOY. Chabba, Hanae; Gedzevicius, Irmantas; Varnauskas, Valentinas; Gargasas, Justinas; Dafir, Driss; Belm Jan 1, 2019 2856
Development of damage detection method in type-III hydrogen pressure vessel by acoustic emission. Matsuo, Takuma; Orito, Hiroki; Hase, Kotaro Jan 1, 2019 1642
Shorts. Klotter, Jule Jan 1, 2019 2440
Numerical Investigation on the Stress Evolution of Welding Process in Aluminium Alloy 2219. Nie, Lin; Wu, Yunxin; Gong, Hai Report Jan 1, 2019 4617
Arkansas in Top 5. Brief article Dec 17, 2018 106
Aluminum Sheet Market Value Share, Analysis and Segments 2018-2028. Dec 5, 2018 796
Aluminum Sheet Market Dynamics, Segments and Supply Demand 2018-2028. Dec 3, 2018 864
Century Aluminum to expand Sebree casthouse, increase aluminum production. Nov 28, 2018 101
Global Cryolite Market Expected to Secure Notable Revenue Share during 2018-2028. Nov 10, 2018 1007
Effect of aluminum toxicity and Bacopa monnieri on hexokinase enzyme activity in Wistar albino rats. Vasanthan, S; Joshi, Prabal Report Nov 1, 2018 2194
Rio Tinto reports Q3 Pilbara iron ore output 82.5M tons, down 3% from last year. Oct 15, 2018 237
Iran Aluminum Output Rises by 10%. Oct 1, 2018 248
Effects of U.S. Tariff Action on U.S. Aluminum Manufacturing. Platzer, Michaela D. Oct 1, 2018 1730
Aluminum Chemicals Market to Exhibit Impressive Growth During 2017-2027. Sep 28, 2018 211
Aluminum Systems Market Projected to Reach 147.13 Billion USD by 2020. Sep 17, 2018 753
Short Communication - Effect of AlCl3 Mediated Toxicity on the Hemato-biochemical Profile of Adult Male Albino Mice. Aftab, Muhammad Nazar; Ali, Ahmed; Asad, Muhammad; Fatima, Sadia; Iqbal, Furhan Report Aug 31, 2018 1369
Tajikistan interested in co-op with Azerbaijan in aluminium production: minister. Aug 10, 2018 389
Outcome of sanctions to drive global aluminium prices. Aug 5, 2018 242
Fitch: Rusal Sanctions Outcome Key to Aluminium Prices. Aug 4, 2018 553
Rio Tinto - Rio Tinto and Alcoa announce world's first carbon-free aluminum smelting process -- 10/5/2018. Jul 19, 2018 982
Fiat Chrysler develops new aluminium alloy. Jul 12, 2018 140
Resveratrol Supplements; Aluminum Exposure. Jul 1, 2018 392
Aluminum 351 Can Take the Heat, Study Says: A study on cast aluminum 351 for cylinder heads determined the alloy has improved tensile strength and creep resistance over more common alloys while exhibiting good castability. Wang, Qigui; Hess, Devin; Yan, Xinyan; Caron, Francis Jul 1, 2018 2018
Mold Modeling of Metallic Tension Bar in AA 7075 Aluminium Alloy Casting. Gokmese, Hakan Technical report Jul 1, 2018 3883
Merging Metal Frenemies. Anderson, Scott Jul 1, 2018 306
Multi-Material Casting: Practical Foundry Guidelines: Practical guidelines enable faster development of insert-strengthened aluminum castings. Soderhjelm, Carl; Apelian, Diran Jun 1, 2018 2015
Alcoa, Rio Tinto announce 'world's first' carbon-free aluminum smelting process. May 10, 2018 260
Section 232 Steel and Aluminum Tariffs: Potential Economic Implications. Jackson, James K.; Williams, Brock R. May 1, 2018 1720
The circular economy of waste can improve MidEast's construction operations. Apr 21, 2018 1083
Rio Tinto announces Q1 production, says major growth projects 'on track'. Apr 18, 2018 336
Fitch Rates Rusal's New Notes 'BB-(EXP)'. Apr 3, 2018 1357
What Are Tariffs? Mar 8, 2018 583
Casting Uncommon Aluminum Alloys: The techniques used to cast difficult alloys also can be used to improve casting quality in standard alloys. Weiss, David Mar 1, 2018 2206
Influences of extrusion speed in hollow aluminium alloy profile extrusion. Lou, Shumei; Wang, Yongxiao; Qin, Shengxue; Xing, Guoliang; Su, Chunjian Mar 1, 2018 4621
SDK Strengthens R&D Function for Aluminum Alloy Materials. Feb 28, 2018 605
Fitch Affirms Rusal Bratsk at 'BB-'; Withdraws Ratings. Feb 12, 2018 1209
Cytotoxicity, Genotoxicity and Mutagenicity of Aluminum, Manganese and Lead in Meristematic Cells of Root Allium cepa. Veiga Francisco, Luiza Flavia; do Amaral Crispim, Bruno; Finoto Viana, Lucilene; dos Santos Nascimen Report Jan 15, 2018 2494
Feeling the burn: This article looks at increasing the energy efficiency of aluminum smelting: Burner air preheating by means of a heat exchanger significantly reduces gas consumption. Jan 1, 2018 945
Effect of Temperatures and Pulling Rates on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 6061 Aluminium Alloy in Directional Solidification. He, Tao; Min, Li; Huo, Yuan Ming; Liu, Hong Jun; Yi, Xiao Jie Report Jan 1, 2018 3986
Using of waterjet technology for cutting aluminum alloy. Kroupa, Tomas; Dana, Milan; Zetek, Miroslav Report Jan 1, 2018 2871
Mathematical Modelling of a Friction Stir Welding Process to Predict the Joint Strength of Two Dissimilar Aluminium Alloys Using Experimental Data and Genetic Programming. Yunus, Mohammed; Alsoufi, Mohammad S. Report Jan 1, 2018 9694
An Assessment of Reuse of Light Ash from Bayer Process Fluidized Bed Boilers in Geopolymer Synthesis at Ambient Temperature. Brito, Woshington S.; Silva, Andre L. Mileo Ferraioli; Santa, Rozineide A.A. Boca; Svensson, Kristof Jan 1, 2018 3370
Nanoindentation Hardness Distribution and Strain Field and Fracture Evolution in Dissimilar Friction Stir-Welded AA 6061-AA 5A06 Aluminum Alloy Joints. Peng, Guangjian; Ma, Yi; Hu, Jiangjiang; Jiang, Weifeng; Huan, Yong; Chen, Zhitong; Zhang, Taihua Jan 1, 2018 5060
Repairing 2024 Aluminum Alloy via Electrospark Deposition Process: A Feasibility Study. Renna, G.; Leo, P.; Casalino, G.; Cerri, E. Jan 1, 2018 6293
The Red Sea as a Corrosive Environment: Corrosion Rates and Corrosion Mechanism of Aluminum Alloys 7075, 2024, and 6061. Al-Moubaraki, Aisha H.; Al-Rushud, Hind H. Jan 1, 2018 6551
Influence of SiC Nanoparticle Reinforcement on FSS Welded 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy. Suresh, S.; Venkatesan, K.; Natarajan, Elango Jan 1, 2018 4745
Bioavailability of Aluminum from Black Shale Using Acidic Metabolites of Heterotrophs. Anjum, Fozia; Bukhari, Shazia Anwer; Pirzada, Tajnees; Talpur, Mir Munsif Ali; Rahman, Mahmood-ur; C Report Dec 31, 2017 5482
Development and Casting of High Cerium Content Aluminum Alloys: A pilot casting study looked at the promising aluminum-cerium alloy system that exhibits good mechanical properties at high temperatures. Weiss, David Dec 1, 2017 1907
I have inclusions: identifying the source: this is the second of a two-part series providing a guideline to better understand the interrelated aspects between oxides, inclusions, dross, fluxes and molten metal quality. Gallo, Rafael Sep 1, 2017 2351
Hydrogen accidentally created by pouring water on new aluminum alloy. Aug 6, 2017 336
Optimization of tribological properties of magnesium-2% aluminium alloys using design of experiment. Nagaraj, A.; Gopalakrishnan, S. Jun 1, 2017 4300
Fatigue behavior of aluminium reinforced metal matrix composites (Al6061+SiC+Ti[O.sub.2]+Mg). Elatharasan, G.; Krishnaraj, S. Jun 1, 2017 2067
Effect of welding parameters on mechanical properties of aluminium thin sheet joints produced by ultrasonic welding. Kumar, P.; Venkatakrishnan, P.G.; Karthik, V. Jun 1, 2017 1607
Statistical study on tensile properties of friction stir welded dissimilar aluminum alloys. Manoharan, C.; Devadasan, S.R.; Rajamanickam, N.; Aravind, D. Report Jun 1, 2017 3928
Quenching residual stresses in T-section 7050 aluminum alloy forging. Hai, Gong; Yunxin, Wu; Tao, Zhang; Yaoqiong, Liu; Chen, Li; Hao, Ji; Shouhua, Yi; Minghui, Cao; Feng Report May 1, 2017 4469
Optimization of pulsed current TIG welding parameters on Al-SiC metal matrix composite to achieve maximum bending strength. Pichumani, Sivachidambaram; Srinivasan, Raghuraman; Ramamoorthi, Venkatraman Report Apr 30, 2017 3291
Fatigue life investigation of damaged aluminum alloy material plate. Baluchamy, K.; Mugunthan, M.; Pravalika, D.; Sabareeswari, S.; Ganesh, K. Madhan Muthu Apr 30, 2017 2034
Alumina Ltd (ASE: AWC). Apr 3, 2017 3011
Property correlations of cast AA 713.0/MWCNT metal matrix composite. Singh, Sanjay; Somu, C.; Kumar, Vinayak; Arumukam, R. Apr 1, 2017 4834
Optimization of the process parameter to maximize the tensile strength in 6063 aluminum alloy using Grey based Taguchi method. Eazhil, K.M.; Sudhakaran, R.; Jayakumar, M.; Govinadaraj, R.; Senthilkumar, L. Apr 1, 2017 3213
Effect of pouring temperature on the Ti[b.sub.2] in cast Al/Ti[b.sub.2] Mmc and prediction of distribution pattern by commercial simulation software. Kumar, P. Senthil; Lakshminarayanan, P.R.; Varahamoorthi, R. Report Apr 1, 2017 3053
Alumina Ltd (ASE: AWC). Mar 27, 2017 3011
Alumina Ltd (ASE: AWC). Mar 20, 2017 3010
Alumina Ltd (ASE: AWC). Mar 13, 2017 3011
Alumina ltd (ASE: AWC). Mar 6, 2017 3010
Evaluation and optimization of joining parameters for dissimilar materials of titanium and aluminum alloys. Nandagopal, K.; Kailasanathan, C.; Chandrasekar, G. Report Feb 1, 2017 2537
Effects of rice husks ash addition on alumina layers deposited on 2024 aluminum alloys by micro-arc oxidation(MAO). Dulamy, Noor Fadhil Sultan Al-; Rubay, Samir Hamid Awad Report Jan 1, 2017 4134
Tribological potential of aluminum alloy reinforced with graphite and zinc particles preparation by powder metallurgy. Elttayef, Abdul-Hussain K.; Al mosawi, Talib Zeedan T. Report Jan 1, 2017 2248
Application of a Microstructure-Based ISV Plasticity Damage Model to Study Penetration Mechanics of Metals and Validation through Penetration Study of Aluminum. Dou, Yangqing; Liu, Yucheng; Hammi, Youssef; Whittington, Wilburn Report Jan 1, 2017 6398
The Effect of Concentration of Lawsonia inermis as a Corrosion Inhibitor for Aluminum Alloy in Seawater. Zulkifli, F.; Ali, Nora'aini; Yusof, M. Sukeri M.; Khairul, Wan M.; Rahamathullah, Rati/ah; Isa, M.I Report Jan 1, 2017 7637
Statistical Model for the Mechanical Properties of Al-Cu-Mg-Ag Alloys at High Temperatures. Al-Obaisi, A.M.; El-Danaf, E.A.; Ragab, A.E.; Soliman, M.S.; Alhazaa, A.N. Jan 1, 2017 7134
Design of Laser Welding Parameters for Joining Ti Grade 2 and AW 5754 Aluminium Alloys Using Numerical Simulation. Behulova, Maria; Babalova, Eva; Sahul, Miroslav Jan 1, 2017 7949
Effect of Equal Channel Angular Pressing on the Surface Roughness of Solid State Recycled Aluminum Alloy 6061 Chips. Abbas, Adel Taha; Taha, Mohamed Adel; Ragab, Adham Ezzat; Danaf, Ehab Adel El-; Aal, Mohamed Ibrahim Jan 1, 2017 6327
Effect of Partial Cladding Pattern of Aluminum 7075 T651 on Corrosion and Mechanical Properties. Rendell, E.; Hsiao, A.; Shirokoff, J. Jan 1, 2017 5111
Numerical and Experimental Research on Cold Compression Deformation Method for Reducing Quenching Residual Stress of 7A85 Aluminum Alloy Thick Block Forging. Jin-dong, Cui; You-ping, Yi; Guo-yun, Luo Jan 1, 2017 2471
Simulation of Solidified Microstructure and Experimental Comparative Study of Twin-Roll Casting Aluminum Alloys. Ma, Teng; Zhang, Junting; Cui, Xiaochao; Sun, Xiaosi Jan 1, 2017 3054
Mechanism of Subordinate Peak Skewing of FBG Sensor during Cracks Propagation Monitoring on Aluminum Alloy Structure. Jin, Bo; Zhang, Weifang; Ren, Feifei; Zhang, Meng; Dai, Wei; Wang, Yanrong Jan 1, 2017 4010
MCMC-Based Fatigue Crack Growth Prediction on 2024-T6 Aluminum Alloy. Du, Xu; He, Yu-Ting; Gao, Chao; Liu, Kai; Zhang, Teng; Zhang, Sheng Report Jan 1, 2017 5787
On the Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Aluminium 7075 Matrix Composite Material Reinforced with SiC and TiC Produced by Powder Metallurgy Method. Devaneyan, S. Pradeep; Ganesh, R.; Senthilvelan, T. Report Jan 1, 2017 2623
miR319, miR390, and miR393 Are Involved in Aluminum Response in Flax (Linum usitatissimum L.). Dmitriev, Alexey A.; Kudryavtseva, Anna V.; Bolsheva, Nadezhda L.; Zyablitsin, Alexander V.; Rozhmin Report Jan 1, 2017 4585
Investigation of mechanical & machining properties of recycled al-fly ash composites. Hayyawi, Ahmed Rabeea; Ethari, Haydar Al-; Haleem, Ali Hubi Report Dec 1, 2016 4001
EGA, MIT to renew aluminium smelting R&D programme. Oct 31, 2016 291
Modern Living "hewn out of the unknown wilderness": Aluminum, City Planning, and Alcan's British Columbian Industrial Town of Kitimat in the 1950s. Cross, Brad Sep 22, 2016 9880
Global aluminium output is falling, but for how long? Aug 24, 2016 817
Eck Industries part of team to collaborate and develop new aluminum alloys. Aug 1, 2016 192
Bahrain\ s Alba reports 45% fall in Q2 net profits. Financial report Jul 24, 2016 254
Research of the friction stir welding process of aluminium alloys. Cesnavicius, R.; Kilikevicius, S.; Krasauskas, P.; Dundulis, R.; Olisauskas, H. Report Jul 1, 2016 3005
Formability of friction stir welded and processed AA 2024-O aluminum alloy sheets. Takhakh, Ayad M. Technical report Jul 1, 2016 2611
Alumina Ltd (ASE: AWC). Jun 22, 2016 3011
Friction stir welding of Aa1100 aluminium alloy. Karthick, S.; Thirumalai, R. May 15, 2016 2527
Experimental investigation on friction stir welded aluminium alloy (6063-O)--pure copper joint. Samuel, L. Christon; Balachandar, K. Apr 1, 2016 1915
A numerical approach on parametric sensitivity analysis for an aeronautic aluminium alloy turning process. Ijaz, H.; Zain-ul-abdein, M.; Saleem, W.; Asad, M.; Mabrouki, T. Report Mar 1, 2016 3301
Analysis on mechanical properties of zircon and Al2o3 of aluminium metal matrix composite. Raju, K.; Satheeskumar, V.; Chandar, S. Report Mar 1, 2016 2404
Masharie to increase aluminium production. Feb 28, 2016 155
Alba tightens belt over falling aluminium prices. Jan 15, 2016 424
Beryllium-aluminum alloy shoots for the stars. Lougheed, Tim Jan 1, 2016 451
Dietary factors associated with risk of dementia. Tester, Jodie Report Jan 1, 2016 825
Microstructure and mechanical properties of AA5086 aluminum alloy by friction stir welding. Amini, K.; Gharavi, F. Report Jan 1, 2016 3187
Electrochemical investigation of the epoxy nanocomposites containing Mn[Al.sub.2][O.sub.4] and Co[Al.sub.2][O.sub.4] nanopigments applied on the aluminum alloy 1050. Ghasemi, E.; Ramezanzadeh, B.; Saket, S.; Ashhari, S. Jan 1, 2016 7970
Dip-coating for dodecylphosphonic acid derivatization on aluminum surfaces: an easy approach to superhydrophobicity. Hu, Y.M.; Zhu, Y.; Zhou, W.; Wang, H.; Yi, J.H.; Xin, S.S.; He, W.J.; Shen, T. Jan 1, 2016 4060
Hot forming aluminum. Brief article Jan 1, 2016 154
High-Speed X-Ray Transmission and Numerical Study of Melt Flows inside the Molten Pool during Laser Welding of Aluminum Alloy. Peng, Jin; Li, Liqun; Lin, Shangyang; Zhang, Furong; Pan, Qinglong; Katayama, Seiji Report Jan 1, 2016 6411
The Reliability Life of 7B04 Aluminum Alloy under Alternate Action of Corrosion and Fatigue. Li, Changfan; He, Yuting; Feng, Yu; Wu, Liming; Zhang, Sheng Jan 1, 2016 5038
Alcoa to idle smelter, lay off 465: plant needs significantly higher aluminum prices to profitably restart. Lazenby, Oliver Dec 1, 2015 1151
Nanocoatings Boost Corrosion Resistance of Aluminum Alloys. Nov 12, 2015 264
When A 127-Year-Old US Industry Collapses Under China's Weight. Brief article Nov 4, 2015 202
Facile fabrication of superhydrophobic surface with needle-like microflower structure on aluminum substrate. Shi, Yinlong; Xiao, Xinyan; Zhang, Weiping Nov 1, 2015 4222
Future Market Insights: Beryllium Aluminum Alloy Market Value, Segments and Growth 2015-2025. Oct 15, 2015 429
Aluminium premium bubble over? Just don't tell LME. Oct 7, 2015 870
EPA issues final rule for secondary aluminum NESHAP: industry comments requesting flexibility in monitoring were rejected, but a request for definition clarity was accepted. Salmon, Stephanie; Hannapel, Jeff; Richter, Christian Oct 1, 2015 309
LIFT project to focus on vacuum-aided aluminum diecasting. Oct 1, 2015 413
A milling deformation model for aluminum alloy frame-shaped workpieces caused by residual stress. Haiyang, Yuan; Yunxin, Wu; Hai, Gong; Xiaoyan, Wang Report Jul 1, 2015 4746
EVALUATION OF ALUMINUM TOXICITY TOLERANCE IN RICE (ORYZA SATIVA L.). Soomro, Aijaz Ahmed; Abro, Manzoor Ali; Leghari, Naimatullah; Leghari, Ghulam Mustaffa; Soomro, Ayaz Report Jun 30, 2015 3482
Alcoa profit rises, but price concerns linger. Financial report Apr 21, 2015 560
UAE has no plan to increase aluminium production capacity. Apr 15, 2015 507
ME aluminium production growing at impressive rates. Apr 12, 2015 478
Nanotechnology Raises Possibility to Produce Strongest Commercial Pure Aluminum Alloy. Mar 21, 2015 324
Taking temperatures at the nanoscale: aluminum, other materials can become self-thermometers. Grant, Andrew Mar 7, 2015 441
FE analysis of 6063 aluminium profiles with complex cross-section during online quenching processes. Mei, R.B.; Bao, L.; Li, C.S.; Wang, J.K.; Liu, X.H. Report Mar 1, 2015 3937
Chemical quality of common beans as influenced by genotype and aluminium rates under two soil liming regimes. Legesse, Hirpa; Nigussie-Dechassa, R.; Setegn, G.; Bultosa, G. Report Mar 1, 2015 6198
Fabrication of inhibitor anion-intercalated layered double hydroxide host films on aluminum alloy 2024 and their anticorrosion properties. Zhang, You; Liu, Jianhua; Li, Yingdong; Yu, Mei; Li, SongMei; Xue, Bing Mar 1, 2015 5093
SDK-ANTAM JV New Chemical Alumina Plant in Indonesia Starts Commercial Operation. Feb 9, 2015 420
BEST IN THE INDUSTRY ON SHOW... Feb 5, 2015 1161
Bahrain Atomizers in challenging times. Feb 4, 2015 744
Alba sets sales and output record. Feb 4, 2015 911
Alupco registers sales growth. Feb 4, 2015 854
Downstream aluminium sector in spotlight at top industry fair. Feb 1, 2015 529
UC Rusal Opens a Modern Epidemiology Centre in Guinea. Jan 19, 2015 772
Iran's Aluminum Production Surpasses 260,000 Tons in Nine Months. Jan 11, 2015 173
Investment casting metal matrix composites: the design freedoms inherent in investment casting help keep aluminum metal matrix composites cost effective. Mikkola, Paul; Willson, Bruce Jan 1, 2015 1130
Aluminium prices soar. Morgan, M.J. Jan 1, 2015 1324
Warehouses raise rentals for aluminium. Jan 1, 2015 196
Warehouses raise rentals for aluminium. Jan 1, 2015 179
UAE, Guinea in efforts to boost partnership. Dec 22, 2014 163
Ma\ aden to increase production at $4bn smelter. Dec 22, 2014 133
INDIGENOUS BRANDS. Dec 13, 2014 2365
GREENZO Project Obtains Zinc Oxide from Zamak Injection Waste. Dec 9, 2014 876
Arabal has successful run in Bahrain. Dec 4, 2014 802
Masharie firms set for more exports. Dec 4, 2014 548
Smelter chiefs share their thoughts. Dec 4, 2014 1086
Alcoa Sells Upstream Assets. Dec 2, 2014 344
Alcoa Sells Upstream Assets. Dec 2, 2014 335
It's a good time to enter the commodity market. Dec 1, 2014 1338
Aluminium forum is a huge success. Nov 28, 2014 403
Downstream on everyone's mind at Arabal. Nov 26, 2014 1005
Ma'aden is gold sponsor at Arabal. Nov 26, 2014 374
EDB participates on Panel at ARABAL. Nov 26, 2014 333
Big 5: First 100% Emirati door launched. Nov 18, 2014 325
Alba Q3 profit surges on higher aluminium prices. Financial report Nov 11, 2014 312
Alba Q3 profit surges on higher aluminum prices. Financial report Nov 11, 2014 326
Masharie's aluminium units gearing up for expansion. Nov 7, 2014 412
Masharie aluminium units to expand amid surging demand. Nov 5, 2014 507
Aluminium outfits announce expansion plans. Nov 5, 2014 385
Innovative technology could spell the end of toxic red mud. Lougheed, Tim Nov 1, 2014 478
Investigation of abrasive water jet cutting parameters influence on 6082 aluminium alloy surface roughness/Aliuminio lydinio 6082 pjovimo abrazyvine vandens srove parametru itakos tyrimas pavirsiaus siurkstumui. Gyliene, V.; Jurenas, V.; Krasauskas, P. Report Nov 1, 2014 2054
NAPCO pens European deal for two extrusion presses. Oct 28, 2014 174
Alba announces Gold, Silver Sponsors of Arabal2014. Oct 21, 2014 257
Sohar Aluminium leads the way in pursuing Intelligent Omanisation. Oct 18, 2014 1143
Alba unveils agenda for Arabal. Oct 15, 2014 590
Al Andalus a reputed supplier. Oct 15, 2014 556
UAE To Build $3bn Alumina Refinery By 2017. Oct 13, 2014 147
EGA to construct $3bn alumina refinery in Abu Dhabi. Oct 8, 2014 354
Alba unveils agenda for aluminium conference. Conference news Sep 24, 2014 296
iPhone 6, 6 Plus Can Bend in Pockets? Sep 24, 2014 816
Gulf aluminium production to hit 5m tonnes by 2015. Sep 23, 2014 832
Hedging LME risk focus of key aluminium forum. Sep 16, 2014 289
Alba announces 2014 ARABAL Conference topics. Conference news Sep 16, 2014 388
Alba confirms topics for Arabal conference. Conference news Sep 15, 2014 307
Maaden begins production at $4bn aluminium smelter. Sep 2, 2014 211
Gulf Air is airline partner for Arabal. Sep 1, 2014 341
Bamco role in region unique. Sep 1, 2014 640
Alba expands its awards cache. Sep 1, 2014 495
US judge throws out aluminium price-fixing suit against banks. Aug 31, 2014 421
Notice to Russian company. Aug 1, 2014 172
Light vehicles' lightweight future. Winters, Jeffrey Brief article Aug 1, 2014 294
Tajik Government to support TALCO as aluminum production falls down. Jul 30, 2014 121
Alupco diversifying into ACPs. Jul 22, 2014 957
The research of single point incremental forming process for composite mould production/Vieno tasko palaipsnio formavimo proceso tyrimas kompozitu formoms gaminti. Rimasauskas, M.; Juzenas, K.; Rimasauskiene, R.; Pupelis, E. Report Jul 1, 2014 4262
Guinea okays amendments to EGA project. Jun 25, 2014 185
Alba reports sales and profit figures. Financial report Jun 5, 2014 1007
Compressive properties of glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) rod with aluminium foam core. Hashim, U.R.; Nordin, A.H.; Jumahat, A.; Ismail, M.H. Report Jun 5, 2014 2681
Imaging system for nanosatellite proximity operations/Kaamerasusteem nanosatelliitide lahioperatsioonide jalgimiseks. Kuuste, Henri; Eenmae, Tonis; Allik, Viljo; Agu, Ants; Vendt, Riho; Ansko, Ilmar; Laizans, Kaspars; Report Jun 1, 2014 4032
Alba output, sales volumes up. Company overview May 4, 2014 925
Majestic snap. Apr 23, 2014 432
Kazakhstan, Bahrain sign memorandum of cooperation in aluminum production. Apr 14, 2014 114
Extrusion firma,e1/4,aos strategy paying off. Company overview Apr 1, 2014 525
Alba team visits Maaden plant. Apr 1, 2014 910
High-strength product for vehicles out. Apr 1, 2014 355
BHP Billiton Considers Setting Up of Separate Company for Aluminium, Bauxite & Nickel Assets. Apr 1, 2014 358
Dubal-Emala,e1/4,aos path to EGA glorious. Mar 4, 2014 954

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