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Altova Enhances Its Line of XML Development Tools.

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BEVERLY, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 3, 2003





Altova Inc. (, producer of XMLSPY, the world's leading XML development environment with over one million registered users, today announced the availability of the new Altova 2004 XML development tools product line, designed to meet the needs of software developers who are building advanced XML and Web services applications. The new Altova 2004 product line consists of complete updates to existing products, XMLSPY 2004, AUTHENTIC 2004, and STYLEVISION 2004, and introduces a new product, MAPFORCE 2004, a visual data mapping tool with code generation capabilities, essential for XML and database integration projects.

Altova's MAPFORCE 2004 is a powerful, visual data integration tool, which auto-generates custom data mapping code in multiple output languages such as XSLT and Java, to enable programmatic XML-to-XML or database-to-XML data transformations. Altova's new MAPFORCE 2004 provides a powerful, 2-step XML-based approach to enterprise data integration. Using MAPFORCE 2004, data architects can programmatically convert data into XML from any database, simply by drawing visual mappings from relational databases to any data model expressed in XML schema. MAPFORCE 2004 will then auto-generate the software program code required to programmatically marshal data from the source database to the target XML schema. Next, data can easily be transformed from one XML format to another, by visually drawing mappings between different XML schema data models. The MAPFORCE 2004 approach to enterprise data integration ensures compatibility and interoperability across different platforms, servers, programming languages and database environments.

Data integration projects rate among the most tedious developer tasks due to the volume of lines of infrastructure code, required to load, persist, validate, and perform other routine operations on data within the software application. MAPFORCE 2004 is the ultimate data integration productivity enhancer because it generates potentially thousands of lines of program code and XSLT stylesheets which would take hours to do manually, and can make the difference between project success and failure. MAPFORCE 2004 offers compelling value as the first retail-priced, all-purpose, XML-to-XML and database-to-XML mapper and code generator, which is not bound to a particular server or database implementation. MAPFORCE 2004 output code is non-proprietary, royalty-free, and easily used within a customized data integration or middleware application. MAPFORCE 2004 is the ideal power tool for today's data integration specialist.

Key features of MAPFORCE 2004 include:

-- Powerful User Interface - Define mappings by drawing lines

between data structures, preview code and sample output with a

single click.

-- Supports any Relational Database - MAPFORCE 2004 supports all

commercial relational databases, including Microsoft SQL

Server, Oracle9i (via OCI), or any database with ADO or ODBC


-- Support for Multiple Inputs and Outputs - Advanced multi-pass

data transformations (from schema, to schema to schema, etc.)

can easily be set up simply by chaining stylesheets together

in sequence. Target schemas can be populated from multiple

data sources.

-- XSLT and Java Code Generation - Ideal for heterogeneous

computing environments. Support for additional C#, C++ to be

added within the year, and will be offered as a free upgrade

to any MAPFORCE 2004 customer.

-- Rich Function Libraries - Handle the most advanced XML data

mapping scenarios using a comprehensive data mapping function

library, enabling the data architect to define mapping rules

based on conditions, boolean logic, string operations,

mathematical computations, or any user-defined function.

In addition to the introduction of MAPFORCE 2004, Altova has added numerous new features to its award-winning product family of XML development tools and content authoring tools. The key new features of XMLSPY 2004 include:

-- Microsoft Visual Studio(R) .NET(R) Integration - An added

convenience for Microsoft Developers, enabling them to use the

XMLSPY directly within their preferred editing environment.

-- XML Differencing - Visually compare files and directories in a

highly configurable, XML-aware manner, which takes into

account such variables as namespaces.

-- XPath 2.0 Analyzer - Experiment with a beta implementation of

the W3C's XPath 2.0 working draft of May, 2003.

-- Completely re-implemented Database Utilities - Native support

for Oracle databases, auto-generation of Microsoft SQL Server

and Oracle 9i XML Schema extensions, generation of XML Schemas

according to SQL/XML standard.

-- Numerous usability and performance enhancements

Key new features of AUTHENTIC 2004 and STYLEVISION 2004 (Stylesheet Designer) include:

-- Automatic Calculation of fields based on industry standard

XPath for input in AUTHENTIC and output in HTML/PDF

-- Automatic Business Logic Validation based on industry standard

XPath for input in AUTHENTIC

-- Support for more complex table structures with multiple rows

and footers for input and output

-- Rich Input Formatting capabilities, can also be used for

output in HTML/PDF

-- Date/Time control in AUTHENTIC for easy entry of date values

"The rapid adoption of new XML standards and XML-based applications is placing an increasing importance on XML development tools in the software development lifecycle of virtually all new business software applications," said Alexander Falk, President & CEO of Altova, Inc. "Altova remains committed to producing powerful mass-market XML development tools and components with comprehensive feature sets, in a timely and affordable manner."

Pricing and Availability

XMLSPY 2004 is available immediately in three distinct editions: Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition, and Home Edition, available for purchase from the Altova Online Shop at, with prices for a single-user license starting at $990, $399, and $49, respectively. A free 30-day trial download is available from

MAPFORCE 2004 is available for a free 30-day trial download from, or purchase for $499 for a single user license from the Altova Online Shop.

AUTHENTIC 2004 is available in several editions, AUTHENTIC 2004 Desktop Edition and AUTHENTIC 2004 Browser Edition. The AUTHENTIC 2004 Browser Edition is also available as a Placeholder Control for Microsoft's CMS 2002 Server, and an ASP.NET Server Control. All editions of AUTHENTIC are available under a free software license. AUTHENTIC 2004 can be downloaded from, and free AUTHENTIC 2004 software license keys can be generated from:

STYLEVISION 2004 is available for a free 30-day trial download from, or purchase for $299 for a single user license from the Altova Online Shop.

Special Introductory Offers

Altova is making available several introductory offers, beginning on September 2, 2003 and running until November 30, 2003.

-- Every customer who purchases a new license of XMLSPY 2004

Enterprise Edition or upgrades from a previous product to

XMLSPY 2004 Enterprise Edition receives MAPFORCE 2004 for


-- Any Altova customer who upgrades their existing Altova

software products to the corresponding new 2004 products will

receive a special introductory price of up to 25% off the

regular upgrade price, please see the Altova Online Shop for a

complete pricelist and additional details.

-- Existing XMLSPY 5 Professional Edition customers may upgrade

to XMLSPY 2004 Enterprise Edition, at a special introductory

upgrade price of $499!

Altova's XMLSPY 2004 Road Show - Coming to a City Near You!

Don't miss the first-ever special technical presentation and informational session about Altova's new 2004 product line of XML development and XML content authoring tools, featuring "The XMLSPY Handbook" author, Larry Kim. All participants will receive a free Altova T-Shirt! The session will cover topics including: What's new in XMLSPY 2004, Data integration with MAPFORCE 2004, Building XML content editing applications with AUTHENTIC 2004, and a question & answer session.

When & Where:

- San Francisco: Monday, September 22, from 3:30-5 pm

- Washington, DC: Tuesday, September 30, from 3:30-5 pm

- Boston: Thursday, October 2, from 3:30-5 pm

For complete locations and directions and to register for free, please visit:

Support and Maintenance Plan (SMP)

Altova offers free support to all customers during the free 30-day evaluation period and within the first 30 days after purchasing a product. A 12-month Support and Maintenance Plan (SMP), which includes technical support and all minor upgrades, is also available for purchasing from the Altova Online Shop. For more information see

Professional Services

To accelerate the adoption of XML content applications, Altova is now offering professional services for designing and implementing enterprise XML applications which leverage Altova XML tools and components. Altova Professional Services provides world class consulting on XML technologies, systems integration best practices, and the development of custom Document Framework applications. Altova Professional Services work in conjunction with Altova's technology partners and customers to bring their complex projects to successful conclusions. For larger groups, Altova professional services group also provides on-site XML centered training. For more information contact:

About Altova

Altova is a leading provider of XML software tools, components, and professional service solutions, including XMLSPY 2004, the industry standard XML Development Environment. Altova, with offices in Beverly, Mass. and Vienna, Austria, was founded in 1992 and has been actively involved in the XML market from the early conception of Extensible Markup Language. Altova's 2004 product line of XML development tools and components is the leading choice of Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies. Altova's XMLSPY is the world's best-selling XML tool and has won the leading industry awards including PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award and Best Product of 2002. Altova is a technology partner with the world's leading software companies including Microsoft, Oracle, BEA, Borland, IONA, and Software AG. Altova is a member of the W3C and WS-I. Visit Altova on the Web at

Altova, XMLSPY, STYLEVISION, AUTHENTIC and AXAD are trademarks of Altova GmbH registered in numerous countries. The names of and reference to companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.
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