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Articles from Alternatives Journal (September 22, 2017)

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All You Need: Love gets you some of the way, hard work the rest. Berman, Tzeporah 623
As goes beer, so could go the world. Gibson, Robert 716
Attack Of The Killer Algae: How fertilizer is feeding the beast: It's only when one variety of algae--a blue-green kind--is prolific that blooms can become dangerous, even lethal. Reeves, Andrew 2280
Big Food Loves Big Vitamin. Carolan, Michael Excerpt 647
Biodegradable Burial. Sahota, Jasman Brief article 188
Breakfast in 2040: Imaging and understanding how and why our food system will change. Chiefari, Sabrina M.; Gravely, Evan; Rabinowicz, Jane; Mantha, Elodie 3716
Can't Buy Me Bugs: Why exterminate them when you can eat them? Waltner-Toews, David 1878
Eating Around the World: Eight perspectives on culture of food and the community it nourishes. 2596
Food Connection. Gerber, Leah Editorial 569
GravityLight. Sahota, Jasman Brief article 179
Greenbelts Feed Cities: Long-term food security start with protected farmland. Shapero, Erin 983
Las Cafeteras: The East LA band's goal is to make revolution irresistible. Shaftoe, Miriam Interview 807
Local, Organic Szechuan: China's urbanites are finding safer food with community supported agriculture. Si, Zhenzhong; Scott, Steffanie 1722
Mau Meal's fox. Brief article 183
Natural Allies: Renewing ancient methods of controlling bugs--with bugs. 691
Radical Food Resistance: A call to arms against Big Food. Roberts, Wayne Cover story 1359
Rage Against Compromise: The book Warrior Lawyers and its complimentary film Green Rights shows how creative legal interpretation of policies can move the needle. Janusz, Barbara Book review 1673
Reducing Plastic Pollution: The winning story for this year's Young Reporters for the Environment Award demonstrates how we can change our habits. Schultz, Sophia 1189
Supply Chain Exposed. Sahota, Jasman Brief article 224
The Concrete Garden: How to start growing your own in the city. Phillips, Kaeleigh 1343
THE CULT OF UTILITY. Hornung, Kelly Book review 1022
The Joy of Home-Grown: Fresh farm ideas from a rural foodie. Blackmore, Jenni 1289
The Tree Whisperer: A\J talks to world renowned author, medical chemist, botanist and now filmmaker--Diana Beresford-Kroeger. Gerber, Leah Interview 891
Transition Towns: A growing number of large and small communities are moving ahead without fossil fuel. Elton, Sarah 1527
Uninhabitable Earth. Sahota, Jasman 404
What's in a Label: From sugars to nanoparticles--what they do and don't tell you. Eliany, Genevieve 2023
Why We Upcycle. Ouellette, Jacqueline 436

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