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Alternative remedies helped to give me a drug-free and pain-free childbirth.

MOTHER-of-two Pardip Kaur used homeopathic remedies throughout her second pregnancy and childbirth.

The 30-year-old gave birth to her second daughter Richa completely naturally at University Hospital, Walsgrave, without any pain relief and did not require gas and air.

"It was a wonderful birth," she said. "I had a completely natural birth with little pain and it only took four hours.

"For six months I took homeopathic remedies three times a day, advised by my husband."

The two main homeopathic tinctures she took were Hydrasis or Goldenseal, a perennial herb of the buttercup family which is often used as a multipurpose remedy, and Caulophyllum (right), a distinctive spring flower from eastern Asia and eastern North America, well known as an alternative medicine for inducing childbirth.

Pardip runs Nature's Remedies, a small herbal remedies shop in Station Road, Foleshill, Coventry with her husband, Vinod Kumar, a homeopath registered with the British Registrar of Complementary Practitioners.

She was cynical of alternative medicine until 33-year-old Vinod persuaded her to try homeopathy to treat common ailments.

Pardip has not used conventional medicine now for 10 years.

The couple also treat their daughters Savita, aged five, and little Richa with homeopathic remedies. Vinod's father Dr Salig Ram Kinod, aged 60, has been a homeopath in the Indian capital of New Delhi for 25 years.

Originally Vinod was to become a doctor. "I didn't believe in homeopathy," he said. This was until he saw how one of his father's remedies helped to successfully treat a patient who was bleeding from the nose.

Vinod started working as a homeopath in 2002 and spent a six-month spell working in Germany, and then Slough before moving to Coventry.

He set up his own practice and health shop in Foleshill in May 2006, and sees clients for skin disorders, arthritis, hayfever, migraine, ulcers, ME, MS and depression.

He said: "In Germany homeopathy is very advanced with practitioners working together with conventional medical doctors. I specialise in complex homeopathy - when you combine a number of different tinctures to treat several symptoms. Many homeopathic treatments can be preventative."

A 45-minute consultation costs pounds 30. Phone 024 7666 1116.
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jan 15, 2008
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