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Alternate medicines gaining importance.

KARACHI -- The alternate medicines were gaining importance for the treatment of various diseases said the Chairperson of the Department of Biochemistry, University of Karachi, Prof. Dr. Viqar Sulatana.

She was speaking at a seminar titled 'Recent trends in alternative medicine: Herbal and other natural products' organized by the Department at the campus on Friday.

'Natural products for medicines are becoming popular among people', Dr. Viqar Sultana further pointed out.

She was of the view that modern medicines, no doubt, have combat many diseases, which were life threatening and incurable. A single epidemic of infectious diseases had killed a large number of people before the commencement of modern medicines. The discovery of modern medicine has revolutionized drug therapy in many fields. However, they have side effects in many cases.

She further added that in the era of modern medicine, patients are exposed to an expanding variety of drugs for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. '

Unfortunately, some of these agents cause adverse effects linked with systemic toxicity, including the impairment of renal function'.

Dr. Sultana maintained that hundreds of drugs of the modern pharmacopoeia can induce liver injury with different clinical presentations. The use of plants and natural sources for the treatment of various diseases is as old as human civilization. Alternative medicine is now gaining importance for the treatment of various diseases.

Discussing about the natural source of medicines, she described forms of Natural products related to CAM which include herbal medicines (also called botanicals), vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.

These types of natural products are becoming more popular among people.

Herbal medicines are being sold as tablets, capsules, powders, teas, extracts, and fresh or dried plants. People use herbal medicines to try to maintain or improve their health. Many people believe that products labeled as 'natural' are always safe and good for them. This is not necessarily true. Herbal medicines do not have to go through the testing that drugs do. Some herbs may cause harm. Some herbs can interact with prescription or over-the-counter medicines.

She further added that on the other hand, several plant products are said to be very successful in treating various diseases. For example, the low rate of cancer among Japanese is said to be due to the consumption of seaweed as food. As such, there is a significant need to discuss the effectiveness of alternative medicine used for the treatment of different diseases.

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Publication:The Frontier Star (Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan)
Date:Jul 8, 2017
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