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Alternate Energy patents hydrogen process.

Alternate Energy (AEC) has announced the publication of its first patent, which discloses its proprietary processes for producing hydrogen gas and a number of recognized chemical products. Over the past several years, AEC has developed distinctive hydrogen production methods that overcome several industry challenges. AEC's uniqueness lies in its ability to avoid the predominant reliance on costly fossil fuel-based hydrogen production (natural gas reformation), and the resultant discharge of greenhouse gases. The AEC process is said to manufacture competitively priced hydrogen along with beneficial chemical by-products in an environmentally responsible manner.

AEC's recently published patent includes the naming of three of the five chemical by-products that are generated simultaneously with its commercial grade hydrogen. These are calcium citrate, magnesium citrate, and ferric chloride (up to 36 percent solution). Magnesium and calcium are important minerals for the human body. Each plays an essential role in many critical biological processes, including the maintenance of bone mass and the activation of over 300 enzymes. Deficiencies in these minerals have been linked to a wide variety of health problems, ranging from cardiovascular disease to endocrine and genetic disorders to migraines. Magnesium citrate and calcium citrate are well known to have higher bioavailability than other compounds in their category. Markets for these citrate salts include dietary supplements, pharmaceutical medications, fortification for fruit juices, soy and milk products, food preservatives, water softeners, and purgatives for diagnostic or surgical procedures. Ferric chloride is an industrial commodity chemical. It is used extensively as a flocculent to remove unwanted particles in sewage treatment and drinking water production. While over 80 percent of ferric chloride production is used in the cleaning of water worldwide, it plays secondary roles in a number of other commercial processes.

The identified by-products have established global markets in the pharma/nutraceutical, food products, and water treatment industries. All have been tested by a reputable Canadian laboratory to ensure compliance with applicable industry standards. AEC stated that both of its citrate by-products have exceeded all requirements for the recognized USP quality standard. Extensive market research for the company's initial three by-products has identified a combined global opportunity that approaches approximately $4 billion annually.

Blaine Froats, AEC chair and CEO, said, "Those that have a fundamental understanding of the hydrogen landscape quickly realize how our patent-pending technology is distinctive. Non-fossil-fuel-produced hydrogen--using methods that do not compromise the environment, all in one solution at a competitive price--is matchless in this industry. Unlike others in this field, our company has diversified its product line by simultaneously producing both hydrogen and a wide range of valued products across multiple industries. We feel that this strategic approach minimizes the risks associated to one revenue stream, while maximizing the revenue and profit potential from multiple sources. We have also chosen to meet current hydrogen needs to secure revenue today, versus others that base their business on predicted consumption tomorrow."


Alternate Energy
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Date:Jul 1, 2008
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