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Alterna Blankets Boston With Hemp; Spreading the Word of Industrial Hemp's Powerful Benefits.


In a continued effort to educate the nation about industrial drug-free hemp, Alterna Applied Research Laboratories(TM), maker of professional hemp hair care products, brings its national, thought-provoking and head-turning advertising campaign to Boston.

Alterna's bus poster image displays a green hemp leaf with the words "THC (Drug) free" clearly written below it with a bottle of the hemp shampoo and the word "HEMP" emblazoned across the ad. The company's phone number and web site address is also prominently displayed so the public can learn more about hemp's vast benefits by calling or logging on to the website.

By associating a hemp leaf with the word "HEMP" and the phrase "THC (Drug) free" in the ads, Alterna sends a clear message to the public that the company is opposed to the drug culture. The dialog-generating ads are on 30 of the city's busses in downtown Boston.

"The prominent use of the non-hallucinogenic hemp leaf on the billboards is intentional and aimed to garner public awareness regarding industrial hemp," explains Kimberlee Mitchell, Alterna's director of publicity.

Mitchell continues, "It's a proven fact that hemp is not marijuana and hemp is not a drug. It's due time our nation acknowledges hemp's limitless benefits, over 25,000 uses, and takes a step toward supporting pro-hemp legislation for this benign agricultural crop. Until we do, our natural resources will continue to suffer and the plight of American farmers will continue to decline."

Education is the key to enlightenment and the fact that legislation to revive hemp recently passed in Hawaii, North Dakota and Minnesota proves one thing; hemp education is working. Kentucky, Montana, Virginia, Vermont, Illinois, Oregon and Colorado have introduced pro-hemp legislation to their state legislatures. Kentucky tobacco farmers filed a lawsuit against the federal government last year for not allowing them to farm the plant as a cash crop.

The deluge of hemp media coverage in the past year has also helped educate the nation. The California Democratic National Party has demonstrated support for the industrial hemp issue, which is the first time in history that a major political party has embraced industrial hemp. It is likely that there will be an industrial hemp plank in the Democratic National Party's platform for the elections in 2000.

Since incorporating hemp seed oil into its products as of January of 1998, Alterna has undertaken an aggressive national hemp education campaign, called LEARN MORE, which is designed to dispel myths and misinformation about the marked differences between hemp and marijuana. Launching the campaign first in Los Angeles, the crusade is moving across the nation, and has touched down in Moline, Ill., San Diego, New York and San Francisco.

This month, on July 7, Alterna presented the State of Hawaii with a $200,000.00 check, cut on hemp paper, to fund the first hemp plot in the U.S. since WWII. A consummate education advocate, Alterna conducts hemp essay contests in high schools across the nation awarding college scholarship funds. Furthermore, Alterna is steadfast about not aligning itself with any group that advocates the use or legalization of marijuana.

Unconventional in its approach, Alterna consistently sets new standards in the beauty industry in the fields of advanced formulation and product performance. The first professional hair care company to harness the power of nutrient-rich hemp seed oil, Alterna continually redefines itself as an industry innovator. Alterna products are available through authorized Alterna salons in the United States and Canada.

For more information on Alterna hair care products or to find the nearest salon, call toll-free 1-888-4Alterna or log onto the website at
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Date:Jul 6, 1999
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