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Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing Labor, Employment & Government Practice Group: working with clients to foster professional, respectful work environments.

Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing (AHFI), Hawai'i's fifth largest law firm, has significantly boosted its thriving employment practice group. Respected attorneys Anna M. Elento-Sneed and Terry E. Thomason, whose practices concentrate in labor, employment and government contract law, have joined the firm as directors.

AHFI now has six directors providing services to clients on employment matters: Louise K.Y. Ing, Corianne Lau, James Tam, Bruce Wakuzawa, Elento-Sneed and Thomason. They are supported by six of counsel and associate attorneys, including Prof. Danielle Conway-Jones and Jessica M. Horiuchi who also joined AHFI recently.

"With these powerful additions to our team, AHFI is now a large force in labor, employment and government contract law, not just in Hawai'i, but in the larger Pacific region," said Ing. "We offer our clients effective, full-service employment law services."

AHFI's new Labor, Employment & Government Contracts Practice Group can assist clients with issues in a wide variety of areas including:

* Wrongful Termination

* Equal Employment Opportunity

* Labor Law and Collective Bargaining

* Wage and Hour

* Benefits

* Government Contracting

* Business Transactions

* Personnel Management

* Safety and Health

* Proprietary Rights

* Workplace Privacy

Members of the Group advise, counsel and train clients on the multitude of labor, employment, and government contract laws that govern the relationships between employers and employees "We want to help clients develop and maintain human resource systems which complement the operational and business needs of their companies. We also try to anticipate issues and develop options to help avoid or minimize problems," said Elento-Sneed.

"If problems arise that cannot be resolved through discussions or negotiations, then we can guide our clients through the dispute resolution process. We are fortunate to be part of a firm with strong litigation skills." AHFI's attorneys are effective champions for their clients in mediation, arbitration, administrative proceedings, and in court.

Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing's mission is to help clients avoid and solve legal problems quickly and cost-effectively. The Labor, Employment and Government Contracts Practice Group will work hard to find creative solutions and fulfill the immediate and long term goals of their clients.

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Comment:Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing Labor, Employment & Government Practice Group: working with clients to foster professional, respectful work environments.(Anna M.
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