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THERE'S plenty to pick from when it comes to a night at the theatre on Teesside next week.

Take a look: | THE much acclaimed production of The Woman In Black will be at Darlington Civic Theatre next week.

Stephen Mallatratt's adaptation of Susan Hill's best-selling novel tells the story of a lawyer obsessed with a curse that he believes has been cast over him and his family by the spectre of a "woman in black".

Now celebrating its 23rd year in the West End, more than seven million people have now seen the chilling tale.

Catch the show from Monday until Saturday, February 9. Tickets PS15-PS23, details 01325 486555.

| SO & So Circus Theatre are teetering on life's edge with Backgammon For Beginners, their new show which follows a man whose existence is off kilter.

It's November 1976. A military jet arrives in London and a bemused looking Iranian man in flares steps on to the tarmac. He holds a single suitcase and blinks in this new land.

Unknown to airport officials, he has smuggled in the last of his opium supply, and brings with him a complicated past from a culture which doesn't slot very neatly into this one.

Over the next few years his attempts to comprehend the differences between his past and his present will lead to jumping out of hotel windows, introducing backgammon to London bars, facing the terror of the National Front and stopping trains with his bare hands.

So & So tell stories using acrobatics, creating full length acrobatic theatre shows, as well as shorter acts for cabarets and events.

Tickets PS10, concessions PS8, details 01642 525199.

| Following the success of Miss Crispy 1988 last year, less is MORE returns to Middlesbrough Theatre with a pulsating tragi-comic drama next week - Your Home In The West by Rod Wooden.

On a run-down Newcastle housing estate, Jean - divorced from the violent, foul-mouthed Micky - rules over a household that teeters on the edge of disaster every time her ex-husband bursts through the front door.

Once again, less is MORE combines professional actors with local raw talent to create a piece of theatre that shows just how diverse, dire and ultimately wonderful life can be.

Tickets PS10, matinee PS6, details 01642 815181.


OFF KILTER: Backgammon For Beginners, at the ARC, Stockton, tells the story of a man whose past and present are very different
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Feb 1, 2013
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