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The Kreutzer Sonata (18, 99mins) After their collaboration on IvansXTC - a modern reworking of Tolstoy - director Bernard Rose and actor Danny Huston reunite for this low-budget tale of jealousy and obsession, told through the eyes of married man Edgar (Huston) who spends his days working for a charitable foundation, making a difference in the lives of others. His perfect relationship with beautiful and talented pianist wife Abby (Elizabeth Rohm) is warped when she begins to work with young violinist Aiden (Matthew Yang King) to perform Beethoven's sonata. The green-eyed monster takes hold of Edgar and, with no proof of his wife's infidelity, he fears that she is having an affair with Aiden behind his back. With each passing minute, the suspicion grows more intense until he is absolutely certain of Abby's betrayal and he sets out to punish her.

The White Stripes - Under Great White Northern Lights (Certificate TBC, 93mins) In 2004, The White Stripes - aka siblings Jack and Meg - allowed filmmaker Vic Carruthers to capture the excitement of their live performances in his documentary The White Stripes - Under Blackpool Lights, boasting hits from the album Elephant and other old favourites. Highlights included Seven Nation Army, Dead Leaves, Dirty Ground and Hotel Yorba, plus some typically inventive cover versions. Three years later, Jack and Meg invited filmmaker Emmett Malloy to trail them on their 2007 tour of Canada, which visited every province, playing in small, intimate venues that allowed fans to get up close and personal with the band. In the process, we witness life on the stage and on the road for the double act as they nurture their fascination with folk and tribal cultures.

The Bounty Hunter (12A, 110mins) When Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) divorced his then wife Nicole (Jennifer Aniston), he thought that was the end of the misery - but the old emotional wounds are about to be re-opened in Andy Tennant's fastpaced romantic comedy. Now working as a bounty hunter, Milo is hired to track down his reporter ex-wife, who has jumped bail. The assignment seems simple enough, except that Nicole is on a high-profile story - a murder cover-up - and she gives him the slip. When he catches up with her, Milo finds himself on the run for his life too - and the two former lovebirds have to put their many and obvious differences to one side to avoid their pursuers.

I Love You Phillip Morris (15, 95mins) Based on an incredible true story, I Love You Phillip Morris charts the improbable romance of two prison inmates and their subsequent journey of self-discovery on both sides of the bars. Police officer Stephen Russell (Jim Carrey) is happily married, with a beautiful wife and young daughter. However, Stephen has a secret - he is gay and is engaging in anonymous sex to fuel his needs. When he can no longer keep the secret, Stephen comes out to his wife and moves to Florida with boyfriend Jimmy (Rodrigo Santoro). The cost of living fabulously is too high for Stephen and he breaks the law to finance his lavish tastes. The authorities eventually catch up with the swindler and sentence him to time in prison, where he meets Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor). The attraction is instant and Stephen schemes to become his lover's cell mate. When he finally gains parole, Stephen poses as a lawyer to get Phillip out of prison early but, once they are united on the outside, the former con man struggles to stay on the straight and narrow.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Mar 12, 2010
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