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Also playing: : Kimberly Anne.

DIY musical star in the making KIMBERLY ANNE, left, brings her unique solo show to Teesside tonight.

The talented songstress fashions her home recordings from drum kits made from PS5 Ikea tables and condenser microphones duct-taped to mops.

She began her journey at the Brit School - describing her time there as "ultimately surreal".

Upon graduating from college Kimberly found herself surrounded by multiple genres, hundreds of artists and an intimidating mass of ideas.

Embarking on an expedition of self-discovery and musical experimentation, she took her chance to partner with bands, artists and producers ranging from hip hop, folk to pop punk.

After a series of collaborations Kimberly longed to take full creative control over her material and wanted to explore the results of producing material single handedly.

"I was like a kid in a sweet shop before I really pinned down my sound," she said. "I'd spent a long time not really knowing who I was and feeling quite lost in it all.

"I'd rely a lot on others to steer the end result of my songs. In 2011 I took nine months out of music and promised myself that I wouldn't pick up my guitar again until I knew exactly what it was I wanted to say and how."

Deciding it was time to go back to basics, she bought a simple home recording set up and got to work. Equipped with her guitar and a spare room at her dad's house, she began to craft a collection of organic songs of the truest kind.

The resulting EP Bury It There produces music of a rare and unique quality but yet comfortably familiar, as Kimberly Anne captures your imagination and invites you inside her brain for a cup of tea and a chat with every track.

With hints of Tracy Chapman, it is guaranteed to put Kimberly well and truly on the "one to watch" radar.

Now known for recording/broadcasting live demos and events from her bedroom in South East London, she is truly handmade in every sense of the word.

She is joined at M-Ink in Middlesbrough tonight by fellow rising female solo star ROXANNE DE BASTION.

KIMBERLY ANNE, ROXANNE DE BASTION M-Ink, Middlesbrough Tonight Entry PS3
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Nov 30, 2012
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