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Alps Electric Has Released Compact Two-Way Operation-Type Detector Switch SPVS Series.

TOKYO -- Alps Electric (Pink Sheet:APELY) has developed the first compact detector switch for digital cameras and other compact digital devices that when depressed automatically triggers an "off" state. Named the SPVS Series, this two-way operation-type normal-closing detector switch offers strong potential in a variety of applications and boasts compactness coupled with a long-stroke. Sample shipments are to commence in February 2007.

Today's digital cameras, digital video cameras and other digital devices while certainly small and thin, also boast remarkably increased functionality. This has placed growing importance on accurate detection to prevent data loss caused by operational error, such as when opening and closing the lid on a device's battery or memory card slot. Compact detector switches, therefore, are essential in detecting movement in these mechanisms.

The SPVS Series of compact detector switches detects both vertical and horizontal movement and boasts a great variety of functional options. The SPVS Series boasts eight formats including: Alps' first compact detector switch development, the normal-close-type; the traditional normal-open-type that triggers an "on" state when depressed; a right or left lever placement type; and a type that allows for flexibility in mounting with or without a positioning boss. This abundant variety of options frees design, allowing for compact detector switch configuration in various situations and conditions.

Inside this product's small frame, the detection function controlled by the stroke, from its resting point through full extension measures 1.55mm. In normal-close-types and normal-open-types, a 1.15mm off-stroke and a 1.20mm on-stroke are assured, respectively. Also, by applying Alps' long-developed high-precision processing technologies, initial on-off positioning tolerance was successfully kept within a 0.18mm range (generally 0.30mm). This small degree of tolerance absorbs inconsistencies that occur due to finger grip measurement gaps and mounting gaps from solder misalignment in manufacturing. In addition, it contributes to improved flexibility in set engineering.

SPVS Series dimensions are 3.5mm x 3.3mm x 1.0mm in width, depth and height, respectively, which makes it compatible for loading into ultra-compact miniature digital devices. Alps also realized an even smaller mounting area by adopting a J-bent terminal.

Principal Applications

Detection mechanism for a variety of compact electronic devices such as digital cameras, digital video cameras, portable audio devices and mobile telephones

Planned Release

Sample shipments: February 2007

Sample price: 130 yen (tax included)

Planned monthly production: 4 million units (March 2008)

Development: Mechatronic Devices Division, Furukawa Plant (Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture)

Production: Mechatronic Devices Division, Furukawa Plant (Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture)

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Date:Nov 21, 2006
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