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Alpha Comes of Age at SIGGRAPH '98; Alpha 21264 Processor Delivers the First 64-bit Windows NT Environment, Spurs Industry Adoption of Alpha Technology for Digital Media.

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 21, 1998--At SIGGRAPH '98 today, Alpha Processor, Inc. demonstrated Alpha 21264, the advanced 64-bit processor family, maintaining its leadership position in processor performance for digital media applications.

The third generation of Alpha, the 21264, is the world's fastest Windows NT solution, delivering twice the performance of the current 21164 at the same frequency, and speeds that are two to five times faster than any other processor available.

Offering scalability from single and multiprocessor environments to high end systems, the 21264 family's high-bandwidth buses, micro-architectural innovations and breakthrough floating point capabilities deliver superior performance to power-hungry digital media applications. Alpha's unmatched processing power delivers broadcast quality and real-time interactivity to applications at unsurpassed speed. Alpha technology has powered the creation of hundreds of special effects in film and television, and is fast becoming the platform of choice among creators of advanced graphics content.

New Standard for Emerging Visual Computing

The 21264 Alpha processors provide a new standard for emerging visual computing applications and significantly reduce the need for costly add-in hardware components. The 21264 processor features motion video instruction sets (MVI), which allows DVD with AC3 playback and DVD recording via software -- as well as real-time MPEG II authoring on the desktop. MVI is written specifically for video and delivers greater simplicity and improved performance over Intel's MMX technology by reducing the number of calls for video functions.

"The demands that digital content creation places on the CPU is perhaps the most intense trial it receives -- it's no accident that many of our customers and partners are in the business of computer graphics and special effects," said Dr. Daeje Chin, CEO, Alpha Processor Inc. "We've designed Alpha with the stringent requirements of the graphics community in mind, and with the advanced MVI technology in our current processors we have a significant lead over the competition."

Industry Powerhouses Back Alpha

Industry leaders Compaq Corp., Microsoft Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co. have invested in the future of Alpha, lending support and expertise to ensure its success both now and in the future. Alpha benefits from manufacturer Samsung's leading-edge six-metal layer high-speed logic process, Compaq's established prowess in volume channel marketing, and Microsoft's Windows compatibility. Microsoft's inclusion of FX!32 translation technology in Windows NT 5.0 will allow 32-bit applications to run seamlessly on Alpha systems.

"Microsoft is excited about the enhanced customer choice that this new Alpha microprocessor will provide," said Jim Allchin, senior vice president of the Personal and Business Systems Group at Microsoft. "The fast growing acceptance of Windows NT Server and Windows NT Workstation in the special effects, multimedia content creation, video, and scientific marketplaces will demand very powerful systems."

"Compaq congratulates Alpha Processor, Inc. on the introduction of the 21264 third generation Alpha microprocessor. Alpha has an unprecedented history of performance and technology leadership, which will be extended by the 21264. We look forward to incorporating Alpha Processor solutions, including the 21264, into our portfolio of products to provide the best solutions to our customers. The graphics market has always been performance driven and Compaq is committed to providing best in class products to enable the industry to reach new heights," said Les Crudele, vice president and general manager of the Workstation Division at Compaq Computer Corporation.

"The engineering and manufacture of Alpha technologies is an area of emphasis for Samsung," said Dr. KP Suh, vice president at Samsung Electronics Company. "With partners like Microsoft, Compaq and Alpha Processor, Inc. the future is truly exciting for 64-bit technologies."


The KP21264 processor/architecture features:

-- Out-of-order instruction execution

-- 64KB on-chip data and instruction caches

-- Powerful branch prediction through intuitive execution

-- High bandwidth for high-speed access to level 2 cache memory and system memory (up to 5GB bandwidth for L2-Cache)

-- Chipsets supported by more than four leading-edge vendors: uni, dual, quad and 24 or more

-- Industry open standard socket -- AMD K7 chipset support and Slot A interchangeability on the same motherboard

-- Scalable architecture based on cross-bar switch chipset implementations

-- Support for Windows NT, UNIX, LINUX and VMS

Pricing and Availability

The 21264 processor family includes the following offerings and price point quantities in 1000:

-- KP21264-600CN $5,500, Est. 40.0i SPECint95, 60.0 SPECfp95

-- KP21264-575CN $3,850 Est. 38.0i SPECint95, 57.5 SPECfp95

-- KP21264-500CN $2,750 Est. 33.3i SPECint95, 50.0 SPECfp95

-- KP21264-450CN $2,200 Est. 30.0i SPECint95, 45.0 SPECfp95

Alpha Processor Inc.'s customers will be introducing systems based on the KP2164 in the beginning of Q3/98.

About Alpha Processor, Inc.

Alpha Processor, Inc. markets and sells Alpha, the world's fastest commercially available 64-bit microprocessor, and related technologies. Engineered by Compaq Computer and manufactured in volume by Samsung Electronics Company (SEC), Alpha microprocessors are based on an open industry standard architecture and are the only 64-bit solution with Windows NT compatibility on the market today. The company is headquartered in the Boston area, Massachusetts, and is a subsidiary of SEC.

All names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

ISVs and End Users Embrace Alpha 21264

"In an industry where time is money, power and speed are paramount. Alpha blows everything else out of the water. With Alpha I can complete a job in half the time it would normally take. I can't wait to get my hands on the 21264 -- it's a jaw dropper!"

- Tommy Gunn

Director of Multimedia and New Technologies

BSA Advertising

"We are confident the performance gains of Alpha 21264 will benefit our customers, and we expect to offer solutions for this advanced platform. For our customers, performance equals time saved -- time to experiment more, and time to create more content. The processing power of Alpha-based machines enables heightened productivity from our paint, effect and edit products for our customers."

- Mahmoud Al-Daccak

Vice President, Products

Discreet Logic

"MetaCreations is pleased to be able to provide our customers, who have demanding processor needs, with powerful graphics applications that reap the increased performance benefits of the new 21264 chip. We believe the 21264 will help push the industry towards new levels of graphics performance."

- Frank Casanova

Vice President, Product Management and Design


"NewTek is in the business of elevating 3D content creation through our industry-leading animation and video production technology, so offering our products on powerful Alpha 21264-based machines was a natural step for us. Many of our customers are turning to 21264 for its superior price and performance, and we're committed to giving our users the choices they need by delivering our product line on this next-generation platform."

- Brad Peebler

Vice President, 3D Graphics Group


"Alpha 21264 represents an exciting leap forward in processor speed, and with native support for Alpha built into the forthcoming release of Windows NT 5.0, we see Alpha coming into its own. Softimage users lead the charge in adopting cutting-edge technology, and we're pleased to deliver the power of Alpha to our customers in the forthcoming version of SOFTIMAGE|3D."

- John McQueen

Director of Marketing


"We've embraced the proven technology of the Alpha and chose to by-pass SGI platforms in favor of the faster, less expensive NT workstations. As the fastest processor available, 21264 promises a sizeable competitive advantage, since it will enable us to finish films in less than half of the rendering time, while at the same time reducing the hardware budget."

- Grant Boucher


Station X Studios

"You can't beat the Alpha for price performance -- it rocks. With Alpha I can get a better quality product out to my clients at a fraction of the time -- this is crucial in such a competitive market. In the two years that we've had Alphas they've been entirely stable and have certainly proved their worth for my business."

- Matt McDonald

President and CEO

VisionScape Imaging, Inc.

CONTACT: MacKenzie Kesselring Inc.

Kathy Durr, 503/225-0725
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