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Along came a spider ...

A one-day conference for those involved in producing outdoor arts events. 11 March, Liverpool

For five days in September 2008, the streets, docks and buildings of Liverpool were occupied by a fifty-foot high spider. The piece was commissioned by the Culture Company for Liverpool 2008, and brought to the city through a collaboration between creators La Machine, producers Artichoke and production company Unusual.

La Machine has been hailed as one of the highlights of the Capital of Culture celebrations, uniting thousands of people as they watched La Princesse on her journey through the city.


For this conference, Artichoke will reunite some of the key people behind the show to look at how the event was made possible, featuring in particular the charismatic Francois Delaroziere, visionary artistic director of La Machine. Inspirational keynotes will provide a background to the event, with breakout sessions offering an opportunity to look at how the production was embedded in the city both creatively and practically.

Other speakers include:

* Alan Jacobi, Unusual

* Ben Chamberlain, The Corner Shop PR

* John Wyver, The Illuminations Group

* Andy Barr, LCC Traffic Management

* Bill Gee, ArtsAdmin

* Stella Hall, Culture 10

* Michael Eakin, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic

* Bob Prattey, ACC Liverpool

* John Holden, Demos Associate

* Nicky Webb and Helen Marriage, Artichoke

To register your interest and to be the first to receive full information and booking details, please contact Hannah Standen at hannah.
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