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 i will live alone in a room with two birds, a cat and three
flowers. in the mornings we will wake with blue eyes. in the mornings we
will touch with blue eyes, and out: through the darkness, through the
door and one through the chimney with me. at noon we will guzzle from a
dish of sun. and when guests come-- the rain and the spider-- the cat
will tell a story of a cat, who yearns for greener eyes and in bleaching
them extinguishes his paws. and in the evening, in the star-dappled
evening-- god, what will we do in the star-dappled evening? 

Translations from the Yiddish By Diana Clarke

Rajzel Zychlinsky (1910-2001) was born in Gombin, Poland, and her first book of poems was published to great acclaim by the Yiddish PEN Club in Warsaw in 1936. Zychlinsky survived World War II in Tatarstan and afterward moved to Paris, New York, and finally California. Her ashes were scattered over the Pacific Ocean.

Diana Clarke lives in western Massachusetts. She teaches teenagers, hikes, and works as the copyeditor of In geveb, a new digital journal of Yiddish studies.

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Title Annotation:Two Poems
Author:Zychlinsky, Rajzel
Publication:World Literature Today
Article Type:Poem
Date:May 1, 2016
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