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 Alone is a drop of water on a snowy
 white day.
 Alone is when you feel no one cares.
 Alone is when you have nowhere to go
 or no one to go to.
 Alone is when someone you love very
 much dies.
 Alone is a spot of light on a cloudy day.
 Alone is a dolphin in a school of fish.
 Alone is when your best friend stops
 talking to you.
 Alone is having no one at your side in a
 time of trouble.
 Alone is a knight without a sword.
 Alone is having no one or nothing.

Shelby Feld

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Title Annotation:PAGE OF POETRY
Author:Feld, Shelby
Publication:Children's Digest
Article Type:Poem
Date:Nov 1, 2008
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