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Almost 50 million dengue infections occur worldwide annually: Dr. Ahmed Hyder.

HYDERABAD -- Almost 50 million dengue infections occur worldwide annually while two fifth of the world's population estimating some 2.5 billion people in tropical and subtropical countriesA are at risk, eminent Pediatrician and focal person of Dengue, Dr. Ahmed Hayder, informed.

Talking to reporter here on Wednesday he told that Dengue fever is a viral infection caused by bite of female mosquito- Aedes aegypti- mostly in tropical and sub-tropical regions and usually increases in the hot and humid months.

Dr. Ahmed Hayder informed Dengue and DHF (Dengue Hemorrhage Fever) was not a new disease as this endemic in more than 100 countries in the WHO Regions of Africa, the Americas, the Eastern Mediterranean, South-East Asia and the Western Pacific.

He said that South-East Asia and Western Pacific regions are the most seriously affected. Dengue has also gripped Pakistan with an unprecedented intensity and magnitude from the last few years, added.

He disclosed that in year 2010-2011, more than 3,640 patients were admitted to several referral hospitals in the country. There were 40 deaths, of which 37 were from the province of Sindh. Later in year 2012 it swelled to 4,072 in Sindh and 5,400 in Punjab.

Dr. Ahmed Hayder said that the dengue virus is transmitted to its host during probing and blood feeding. The mosquito may carry the virus from one host to another host and the mosquito is most active in the early morning and later afternoon.

About the signs and symptoms of Dengue fever Dr. Ahmed Hayder informed that fever, Chills, Headache, Red eyes, pain in the eyes, Enlarged lymph nodes, Deep muscle and joint pains (during first hours of illness), Loss of appetite, Nausea and vomiting, Low blood pressure and heart rate and extreme fatigue, he added.

About the treatment Dr. Ahmed Hayder has said that there is no specific treatment to shorten the course of dengue fever. He said that medications are given to alleviate the signs and symptoms. Aspirin should not be given to patients. It will cause severe bleeding.

He said that in this case the bed rest is essential to a speedy recovery and the patient should consume plenty of water, which will help to alleviate the illness.

About the precaution he said that the people avoid wearing dark and

tight clothing because mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors. Wear loose, white and long clothes, which cover the whole body. Mosquitoes find it difficult to bite through loose clothes than tight fitting clothes, he said.

He said that these precautions will help prevent severe illness from

occurring in some people, such as dengue hemorrhage fever (DHF) or dengue shock syndrome (DSS). These illnesses are potentially lethal and are today the leading cause of childhood mortality in several Asian countries, he added.

Dr. Ahmed Hayder informed that the Sindh Health Department acted well before that time and Fumigation drive and Mass Awareness drive to be started.

He said that awareness was carried out in community, Educational Institutions and through Health workers by distributing 200000 Leaflets all over Sindh.

Dr. Ahmed Hayder suggested in the in environmental conditions thatpeople to sleep under mosquito netting or in a room, which has mosquito screens on the windows. Mosquitoes are unlikely to bite in an air-conditioned room and under strong fans.

He said that the mosquito coils are also useful to help prevent mosquitoes from entering the room.

He further advised that avoid reduce outdoor activities during morning and late afternoon because Aedes mosquitoes are daytime feeders.
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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Oct 6, 2016
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