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Almost 400 'Blaster' worm reports in Japan, mostly from firms.

TOKYO, Aug. 13 Kyodo

A total of 386 reports of damage from the ''Blaster'' computer worm that attacks Windows operating systems were reported in Japan by Wednesday night, the Japan unit of Trend Micro Inc. said.

The major vendor of antivirus computer software said a majority of reports were filed by companies and urged users to take steps against the worm, which has the potential to take control of a computer and execute any code on the machine.

The Blaster is known to infect computers by replicating itself via Internet connections and locating unaffected machines.

A computer connected to the Internet is vulnerable, even if it has not received infected e-mail messages or logged on to an infected Web site, according to the company.

The security center of the Information Technology Promotion Agency, an affiliate of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, said Wednesday it received more than 120 requests for consultations about damage, mostly from individuals.

Globally, around 188,000 computers have been affected, according to Symantec Corp. of the United States, the vendor of the popular Norton Antivirus program.
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Publication:Japan Computer Industry Scan
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Date:Aug 18, 2003
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