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Ally wife's romeo thug got teenage babysitter pregnant, and left his three other lovers in the lurch; He goes for young, vulnerable women. I give Allison just six months before her new man is caught out.


HE SEEMED the perfect partner and father, doting on his common- law wife and their two sons.

Home was a modern luxury four- bedroom house in an upmarket Irvine estate and his landscape gardening business was flourishing.

But Mandy Boyd's and Scott Crawford's relationship was in tatters.

He had strayed a decade before and fathered a child to a 17-year-old girl, but Mandy forgave him and took him back.

After all, she herself had been a 15-year-old babysitter when she met Crawford in 1984 to look after his child, then fell in love, became pregnant and ended his marriage.

Two years ago, Crawford landed a contract to tidy the garden of football great Ally McCoist and his wife Allison.

The footballer's wife became besotted with Crawford, confiding in him as her husband's television career took off and she spent more time alone.

So the gardener's visits became more regular and romance blossomed.

And when McCoist's own affairs with Patsy Kensit and air hostess Donna Giblin made the headlines last year, Allison turned to Crawford for support.

She even dyed her hair blonde as Crawford prefers blonde women.

Everyone else thought she'd donned the new look for a fresh start with her husband - or maybe as two-fingers to actress Patsy.

But last week, her marriage was declared over because of her continuing relationship with Crawford, who doubles as a pub bouncer.

Today, the Record can reveal the full facts behind Crawford's lurid love life that has seen him father four children by three women.

He was married with a young daughter when he started an affair with his wife's pal, Mandy Boyd, who he employed for a few pounds an hour as a babysitter.

Two years after they met, Mandy, then 17, had Crawford's love child.

She had a second child before Crawford bedded 17-year-old Liz Steele, who gave him his fourth.

Last night, a source said: "He normally goes for younger, vulnerable women, so Allison is well out of his league.

"I give her another six months before he is caught out with someone else.

"Crawford has got a terrible reputation with women and is obsessed with blondes.

"I would be surprised if he was faithful to her."

Burly Crawford, 39, traded in each woman he got pregnant for a younger model before adding ex-beauty queen Allison McCoist to his list of conquests.

Now Crawford, who became a grandfather for the first time last year, has Allison wrapped around his little finger.

She bleached her brunette locks after beginning a secret affair with the landscape gardener from Kilbirnie, Ayrshire.

She stepped out with the new look after Scotland and Rangers player McCoist admitted an affair with blonde Patsy Kensit last year.

The source said: "Everyone thought she was thumbing her nose at Patsy when she dyed her hair but really she'd done it for Scott.

"All the mothers of his children are blonde except for Mandy who he asked to dye her hair for him. She refused. When we saw Allison with blonde hair, we knew she had done it for him."

But it is unlikely Allison, 36, knows the truth about her boyfriend's penchant for teenage lovers.

Soccer pundit Ally can only watch in horror as Allison's relationship grows with hard-man Crawford, who has convictions for assault and breach of the peace.

Crawford was a 20-year-old labourer when he married heavily pregnant girlfriend Nina McMeechin at Kilbirnie Register Office nearly 19 years ago.

Nina, 17, also from Kilbirnie, had their daughter three days after the wedding.

But he couldn't keep his eyes off her younger friend, Mandy.

The source said: "Mandy was a friend who was looking after their little girl. She was 15 when she met Scott, 16 when she fell pregnant and 17 when she had his baby boy.

"His daughter was three."

Then 24, Crawford left his family after Mandy gave birth. He moved in with her and they had another son three years later.

Crawford divorced Nina a month later in June 1990. She only remarried four years ago after bringing up daughter Stacey-Ann alone.

Stacey-Ann, 18, had a little boy last year.

Crawford and Mandy's second son was a year old when he got another teen pregnant.

Blonde Elizabeth Steele was still living with her parents in Kilbirnie at the time and gave birth in August 1992.

Mandy forgave him and Elizabeth, now 27, was left holding the baby.

As Crawford's landscape firm flourished, he bought a luxury home for Mandy in Irvine.

He was living there with them right up until he met mum-of-three Allison.

The source said: " Liz Steele was just a wee girl he fancied. Mandy and him have been together for about 16 years and are like common-law husband and wife.

"She accepted his womanising and thinks all men do it, it was just he always got caught.

"He cant resist blondes. He wanted Mandy to dye hers but she refused."

The source said Mandy discovered Crawford's relationship with Allison about two years ago.

He added: "She took it in her stride and when he moved out, they stayed good friends.

"Mandy wants for nothing. She is covered in gold and they have a beautiful house and clothes.

"He loves his two boys and, as long as he provides for them, Mandy is happy."

Crawford also has a council house in Kilbirnie - used as a business base.

A Union Jack and Red Hand of Ulster flag hang from the windows.

Last night, ex-wife Nina, 36, refused to talk about his old affair with her friend.

On the doorstep of the semi-detached home she shares with her husband and daughter, she fumed: "It was years ago. I've got nothing to say about him." Ex-girlfriend Liz Steele, 27, was also reluctant to talk about her experiences at her flat less than a mile away.

Dumped Ally McCoist bought his wife a pounds 450,000 farmhouse recently, signalling the end of their 11-year marriage.

She has not yet moved in but spends time with Crawford at her pounds 20,000 caravan in Seamill, Ayrshire, regularly venturing out with him to restaurants and a bar and nightclub in Saltcoats where he is doorman.

Ally has told friends he fears the influence Crawford may have on their sons Alexander, seven, and twins Mitchell and Argyll, four.

But many don't believe it will last.

A source added: "As a bouncer, Crawford has access to plenty of young women. His job as a gardener also means he does a lot of work for women with big houses and gardens their husbands aren't bothered with.

"He is in the perfect position to take advantage of as many women as he wants. I would be surprised if Allison was the last."
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 10, 2002
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