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Alluvial fans; geomorphology, sedimentology, dynamics.


Alluvial fans; geomorphology, sedimentology, dynamics.

Ed. by A.M. Harvey et al.

Geological Society Pubg. House


248 pages



Special publications; 251


Two research groups of the Geological Society of London claim that they chose Sorbas, in southeastern Spain as the cite for 2003 a conference on alluvial fans because it is a tectonically active dry region with a wide range of Quaternary alluvial fans. But it was June, and any excuse for Brits to go to Spain will do. Of the presentations there, 15 were selected for publication here. Their topics include the fluvial mega-fan of Abarkoh Basin in central Iran as an example of flash-flood sedimentation in arid lands, climate controls of alluvial-fan activity in the Coastal Cordillera of northern Chile, and Tertiary alluvial fans at the northern margin of the Ebro Basin. Many of the papers have also been published elsewhere. There is no index. Distributed in the US by American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

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